Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking Back, Being Human, Hoping to Dance.

Our departure has had to be postponed due to treacherous road conditions here and where we'd be heading. Maybe tomorrow ? We can but hope. It gives me an opportunity to look back back to a post dated 31 October 2008, featuring The Killers' song "Human": "Are We Human or Are We Dancer?" That post has attracted more hits than any other since the start of this blog in late 2006. 3 months after posting it still receives many hits every day.

The producer of a delightful video, shot on the day of president Obama's Inauguration, having seen my post, contacted me with a link to her video which uses "Human" as background music, and to great effect.

So, in classic Mercury Retrograde style, I reviewed 31 October's post, then looked back to 20 January, re-lived that day's events and emotions, prompted by Emily Troutman. Her wonderful video presentation puts the two together in a moving and very memorable way.

Emily's blog is Who We Are/How We Live.
Her video "President Obama: Words For How We Feel Now" is there, with her explanation of the concept and how she compiled the video.

I've embedded the version from YouTube here, but please do visit Emily's blog for further detail and a link to a slightly larger format of the video.


Something completely different:
My husband stood at the kitchen window with his pocket camera yesterday morning, then came up with this brief video which I liked enough to share.

PS: This should be my last posting for about a week - as long as road conditions have improved by tomorrow morning.


Wisewebwoman said...

Same here, T. Nasty snowstorm yet again.
I'm a sucker for cardinals so delighted in your little one plonking around the yard!!
Love the song too.
good luck on your delayed trip. I'll miss you but have a great

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Thank you! The forecast is for hard re-freezing of any thawed stuff tonight, black ice and freezing fog - Oh joy! Early travel would be hazardous. We intend leaving late morning, and getting as far as we can before dark, staying over, then by Friday all should be clear, weekend weather should be very good. Hoping for the best... will return home if conditions seem too hairy.