Monday, January 26, 2009


Recently I wrote about Bob Dylan, and was left with some reservations about Bob the man, if not about Bob the writer. Here's another singer/songwriter/actor who came to prominence around the same time as Dylan, but about whom I have few reservations on either score: Kris Kristofferson.

Kris was born 22 June 1936 in Brownsville, Texas. Astrotheme gives his time of birth as 3.30pm.

I used to think Kris had Sun in Gemini. I was mistaken - but only just. Sun at 1 degree of Cancer, linked by conjunction to Mars and Venus in Gemini a degree or so behind. Mercury is also in Gemini - it's own sign. No need to ask the source of his writing talent then - it's all there! Classic line-up for a writer, in this case a songwriter, with Cancer Sun adding warmth and sensitivity to what might otherwise have emerged as a cooler, less emotional individual. Sun is conjunct South Node of the Moon - a sensitive point inthe natal chart, further emphasising the Cancer/Gemini cluster.
Fixed Star Aldebaran, one of the Royal Stars lay within a degree of Mercury as Kris was born - an additional boost to his mental processes. He was a brilliant student and Rhodes Scholar in his youth. He rejected a military or teaching career in favor of following his dream to be a songwriter.

If the time of birth used is near correct, Scorpio rising is reflected in Kris's early and enduring erotic pull for the ladies. Moon in Leo close to midheaven links to his career on stage both singing and acting.
He's one of the few singer/songwriters who have also made a good impression as a movie actor - Gemini versatility. A strong Jupiter in Sagittarius, its own sign, forms a harmonious trine to Moon in Leo, helpful for publication (of his songs and acting endeavors)

The other well-known facet of Kris's personality is a strongly left-wing political leaning. I'm pinpointing avant garde, rebellious Uranus in a very strong position on the descendant angle to represent this.

There are challenging aspects in Kris's chart too, of course. Hardly anybody gets away without some of these. There's a Grand Cross here, linking Neptune, Mercury/Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter by squares, consequently throwing up two oppositions: Saturn/Jupiter and Neptune/Mercury.

I haven't been able to find out much about Kris's personal life, other than that he has had three marriages, 8 children and 2 grandchildren, and is still on friendly terms with both ex-wives. He has probably dealt with alcohol and drug problems - he wouldn't fit the template of his times and profession if not! I suspect the Grand Cross relates to that, but also to his political opinions. He was brought up in a strongly conservative family in staunchly Republican Texas - he must have had many challenges before moving to a more liberal environment. Later he must have experienced ongoing inner conflicts as one after another administration disappointed him. From his Official Website
I'd say he's a happier man now - the banner headline starts "God Bless Obama....."

Kris's songs are thought of by many as country music. I consider them to be without category, or at the most crossover folk/country/popular. I recall hearing on one of his recordings an audience member calling out to him something along the lines of "Is that country music?" or "That ain't country, Kris", and he answers in his signature lazy drawl, "If it sounds country, man, that's what it is!"


anthonynorth said...

I've always liked him. A general all-rounder, in many ways.

Wisewebwoman said...

OMG T. KK is 72!! 72!!
One of my fave movies of him is "The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea." Did you see it? Very very very vavavavoom. Oh my.
Not much of a voice but amazing song-writing and acting talent.
I could park his slippers under my bed any time!!

Twilight said...

AN ~ He's that, for sure ! A very good flag-bearer for Gemini - except that technically he comes under Cancer (Sun-wise).

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Ahem.....the line forms on the right dear!! :-D

No didn't see that movie, but I'll watch for it on HBO or on DVD.
My 2 faves of his are 'Cisco Pike' and 'A Star is Born'.

By the way, we caught 'Fur' on HBO last night - sychronistically -re my post about Diana Arbus the other day. I quite enjoyed it, Ms Kidman did a reasonable job I thought. Very unusual tale, and it partly confirmed my own conclusions. I don't know how much was fact and how much fiction though.:-)

Jay said...

Lovely music i liked it. I have just started learning to play guitar online at and need all the help I can get.

Twilight said...

Hi Jay! ~~~Thanks for your visit, and good luck with the guitar lessons - maybe on day I'll be writing a blog about you! :-)