Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Around this time each year I start inwardly grumbling. And, no it's not courtesy of regular doses of huevos rancheros cooked up by Himself to ward off the cold weather! It's about Aquarius, and how the sign has come to be commonly perceived.

I had a wee grumble last year towards the end of January (here). I described a handful of Sun Aquarians I'd known and loved, and found little in them to match astrological interpretation of the sign.

What has gone awry? Is it me? I'm probably as guilty as anyone else of being drawn into the crowd's expectations - calling Aquarius quirky, avant garde, rebellious, unpredictable, cold and know the rest. Humanitarian, another commonly stated characteristic of Aquarius is often apt, but it fits more nearly with Pisces in reality. Most people with Sun in Aquarius have a planet or two in Pisces. Intelligent? I'll go along with that one, it's the only description common to all Sun Aquarians I've ever met. Intelligent, mind you, not genius or even highly intelligent. They simply possess an innate cleverness irrespective of schooling or higher education, which, in some instances when applied can bring out inventive talent. Aquarius is Fixed Air. Air relates to mental processes, so it's reasonable to expect that all Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra) will share natural intelligence, honed to sophistication by education, or not, as the case may be.

I don't agree with the "love of groups" thing for Aquarius. Where did that come from? In any case it contradicts the "aloof, detached and cold" motif. I haven't ever met a Sun Aquarian who loves to join groups. I run away from them as fast as my little legs will carry me, so did my Dad, and my Aquarian friends. So perhaps we are a tad aloof and detached, but I prefer to think of it as independence.

I think the rest of the commonly used keywords, apart from humanitarian, belong more properly with planet Uranus, delegated to replace Saturn as ruler of Aquarius in modern astrology. I continue to suspect that Saturn was more appropriate as ruler of Aquarius; a Saturn in Airy mode, lighter and less tied down, whereas Capricorn hosts a heavier, Earthy Saturn.

Where does Uranus truly belong among the signs? Its accepted characteristics can infect and invade any of them with its presence, and with equal intensity. The rush to allocate the outer planets to rulerships was curious, I think. Why was it necessary ? Weren't things working satisfactorily in personal astrology beforehand? The outer planets seem to relate far more to mundane issues.

In my old copy of Llewellyn George's "Student Chart Reader" (1934), he says this about Sun in Aquarius:

"In Aquarius the Sun gives a quiet, patient, determined, unobtrisive and faithful nature, as a rule. The Aquarian is refined, pleasant, friendly, generous, charitable, dignified and humanitarian; fond of art, music, scenery and literature; cautious, steady, intelligent, intuitive, discriminitive, concentrative, studious, thoughtful and philopsophical. Good reasoner, practical as well as theoretical; strong likes and dislikes and often with very radical and advanced ideas; is cheerful, sincere and honest, easily influenced by kindness, slow to anger, but will not be driven; loves liberty and is fond of occult research."

I like that description, even though parts of it are too general to be identifiable as purely Aquarian - eg. pleasant, fond of art, music, scenery. I especially like the the last few phrases (easily influenced by kindness, slow to anger, but will not be driven; loves liberty). Interest in the occult applies to this particular Aquarian, but I haven't personally met any others with the same leaning. Perhaps this is another facet belonging more properly to Pisces, although there are two Fixed Stars in Aquarius with traditional connection to astrology.

So this is my own, stripped down, bunch of keywords for Aquarius:
freedom lover, independent, naturally intelligent, quietly determined, loyal, faithful, studious, practical but also theoretical, stubborn, slow to anger, will not be driven.

Radicalism, the avant garde, rebellion and quirkiness will, in my view, be a part of the Sun Aquarian, or any other sign's makeup only if Uranus is in close aspect, or on a sensitive point in the chart. Other characteristics occasionally found in Sun Aquarians come via emphasis on neighbouring sign Pisces. That's my story and I'm sticking to it -'cos I won't be driven !


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought that the tropical system of astrology is wrong? All my life I thought I was a Pisces,but it did not fit...and then I came accross the idea of Precession of equinoxes, which Tropical completely ignores. In the Sidereal system, where the signs actually match the constellations of the same name, I was born an Aquarius Sun. Now that fits who I am.

Twilight said...

Hi Anonymous ~~~ Yes I have. I wrote about it in an archived post -

I don't think it's possible to be definite, because the sidereal and tropical zodiacs are still not far enough apart to make a really big difference. Most people have planet(s) in the neighbouring sign, and there's still part of the topical and sidereal signs which overlaps.

I was going to mention all this in the post today, but decided it would muddy the water further. :-)

Anonymous said...

My wife is Aquarian (Jan 23rd). I checked her off against Llewellyn George's adjectives, and she fitted most perfectly - with a couple of minor exceptions.

Astrology-online described her as:
Friendly and humanitarian (yes)
Honest and loyal (yes)
Original and inventive (definitely not)
Independent (no) and intellectual (yes)

On the dark side....

Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached.

She is the total opposite of all of these.

Where does that leave us astrologically, I wonder? ;-)

Twilight said...

RJ ~~ Thanks for weighing in with information about Mrs. RJ. It's always good to have real-life information.

The thing is that Sun Sign is just one facet of the personality - a very important one, but subject to modification (often heavy modification) by other planetary placements in the natal chart.
Mrs RJ's Moon, Mercury and Venus and her rising sign will color her
nature too, blended with the Aquarian Sun characteristics.

This is where things can get so tangled in trying to ascertain which traits belong to which sign and which planet.

I'm none of those "dark side" things you listed either - I'll admit to being a bit stubborn, but not intractable, most certainly not unemotional - Ye Gods - you should have seen me yesterday weeping at the Inauguration TV coverage. You'd have thought my dog had died!!!
But that's my natal Cancer rising I think. I can be perverse when I visit your Sparrow Chat and feel like having a little go at you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Twilight !

I liked your post, and I have to agree with you when you say that Aquarius sun individuals are not strongly attached to the term “love of groups” and “humanitarian”. But, I’ve been observing a long time (since I have this placement as well) that Jupiter in Aquarius people are objectively humanitarian people with a strong sense of justice between races, ages, and so on (and I have no planets in Pisces). I have many friends with this placement, and the characteristics are evident, even in the way we speech sometimes. I say this, because sometimes outer planets have strong qualities in the individual rather than the sun could offer. For so long I’ve been reading a lot about the outer planets been specifically in charge of social and collective events, but my observation has gone far from that. Generational planets have a great influence, on the personalities, attitudes, way of thinking, way of relating to people in general, and personal transformation. I have Pluto in Scorpio, so I have close and not too close people around me all the time from this generational planet; we have a penetrating mind, an intense focus on whatever the subject we are into, deeply psychological sense of self-transformation, a profound and remarkable eyes, a dark and intense generation with and ego to transform our wishes to reality whatever the cost of it. Pluto in Libra people are more defined in a social level, but the most rebels ones are strongly furious to the injustice the world has given then, so the way they relate to people sometimes are as if they were talking to prove themselves they are not part of that imbalanced period of their lives, but they are just being diplomatic to themselves, no matter how many Aries the individual has it. And you are an Aquarius; I don’t think you would like to look alike with all those things they say about the sign (just kidding around). But I’ve meet a lot of Venus in Aquarius who loves a dose of groups to express their unique personalities!

Anonymous said...

Another thing. I notice you said about your Cancer rising. I know some of then, and there is one that he has 4 capricornian planets, along with sun and mercury (which gives him a suspicious chronic depressive persona), he is very calculating and cold in the way he relates to people, but his cancer rising give him a soft core that is unmistakable, and despite his Venus in Aquarius, he can be gentle with everybody and let his capriconians tendencies less heavier. I have 3 cancers (sun/moon/mars), and a Capricorn rising, sometimes I can help but put a ‘dead’ cold face to confront some situations, and then my cancer nature seems like it doesn’t exist inside me. Rising signs are powerful to diminish our sun ego’s egocentric pursuits. Interesting article! I love Aquarius people, I don’t know why !

Twilight said...

Rafael V. Ribeiro ~~ Hi Rafael!
Nice to meet you.
Thanks for your very interesting comments.

What is especially interesting for you, and your generation, and other younger generations is that you have the facility via computers, to find out the full natal charts of your friends and families, which helps greatly in understanding the Signs and how they actually perform in real life. Computers have made a world of difference to astrology.
I think the Sun Sign mentality grew so strong because unless you were highly trained, sufficiently to draw up a natal chart, and had the time needed to do so, all you knew was a person's Sun sign, from their birth date. This is where much misunderstanding has arisen, I think.

I think your point about Jupiter in Aquarius and humanitarianism is valid, Jupiter being traditional ruler of Pisces, so in a way it's similar to an Aquarius Sun person having a planet in Pisces (I have Jupiter in Pisces) -it's a similar mixture, and I think I'm socially aware, and could be said to be humanitarian.

The Venus in Aquarius link to the group thing, I cannot comment on, as I don't know anyone with placement, but it's interesting to know that you've noticed a link.

Regarding the generational differences linked to outer planet placements - yes, I agree with you, but only up to a point.
I don't think the differences between generations are strong enough to cancel out personal planet traits - if they blend then yes - they strengthen, if not, they will not be as apparent.

O'm wary of making too many generation distinctions causing division - we need unity not division now. :-)

I wish someone would start some really in-depth research on all of this stuff. But it's so complicated and people's views on it so diverse and subjective, it'd be difficult.

Twilight said...


Hey again! I commented here once, when the topic was about movies. I am from Brazil.

So, I think I didn’t express myself the way I wanted. I am conscious about the sun being one of the most important planet influences in our chart, and I don’t use internet to cast charts, but janus4 by the way.
I wanted to emphasis the importance of the outer planets in our personalities. The way we express our collective behavior as a group, as a generation, as people sharing the same energies from that particular planet can influence the way we see the world, and how we would project it as society in general, by the lens of each individualistic path along the history of the globe.
I agree when you say that differences between generations are not strong enough to cancel out personal planet traits, but are strong enough to put empty holes between them, like “what the hell they were thinking? – judgment” (just an example), and this directs to the “why that generation is so different from mine? I wouldn’t do this… I wouldn’t do that…” even if your sun/moon/mars… are the same from the other from another generational planet, that’s why I emphasizes on it, I don’t know if it’s my Pluto in Scorpio, but I can fell the power of generation can project as individuals, and I don’t want to divide, but the reality is that people have this division wanting or not, and the hole to be fulfill, I guess all of this, leads to our experiences as society and why we would or why not walk in unity in our blue and wonderful earth in a wheel that cannot stop.
I am totally humanitarian person, for me, the world could benefit from what country has given to explore and to learn from others nation history and to join all into one and become a real citizens of the earth itself, and sharing the same resources, same technology, each one has something to give, so as the pieces of earth of this incredible globe of creativeness.
Just to add something more, I live in Brazil, a different reality may rise from each person born in these lands; so as anyone born in different locations of the globe, we have potential, so the world has it too, but there are those who can do something with this into something productive, there are those who can do something with this into something destructive and there are those who can do something with this into something “what am I supposed to do with all of this gold?”, only time can tell blablabla.
You rock by the way!
I really enjoy reading your posts!
Take care!
( comment copied by admin. from next post)

Twilight said...

Hi again Rafael - You bring up some very interesting points indeed. I'm open to persuasion on the generational topic, but still feel wary of providing yet another division.

The reality may be that these divides exist to some extent, but other divides exist - race, color, creed, gender - all have been or are being slowly and sometimes painfully eradicated. Generational divisions - which relate basically to age, and become another "ism" - ageism, must be dealt with as the other divides have been, by understanding, tolerance and compromise. Putting emphasis on the differences will strengthen them, and that's as unhelpful as saying that man is black and that man is white. :-)

I agree wholeheartedly that we should all walk this beautiful Earth in unity - it is the only way we have any chance of the human race surviving -it really is.

You write excellent English, Rafael - congratulations.

By the way do you qualify as being in the southern hemisphere - part of Brazil is, I know ?

Thanks again for the converstion,
and for your interet in the blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Twilight (by the way, have you seen the movie? I define its successful to its Scorpio generation; it’s the theme, obsessions, controlling issues, dark schemes, shyness, sexual temperament (related to blood as well) etc.)
About our race, black and white humans are the biggest physical proof that we can be different at some level, but equal at the same strategies of being alive, since we are all rational humans’ beings. I like black people, I like white people, I like people with the cold black eyes (Japanese and so), I like gay people (lots of friends are in this position) we all have this physical proof that we are indeed different from each other, but the word HUMAN says it by itself the impulse of our nature, and not impossible to live as one, and not divided by discriminated labels, so the outer planets here indicates the way we look our past generations too, so if we keep telling awful lies about our own nature, it will modulate the next gen. that’s the way it will keep it, right? Well, for me, it’s ignorant, and low a person who still think the opposite. But maybe we are at our lowest conscious level, our creativeness as society have keep us on the ground, but not efficiently wise enough to use them in our benefit as a whole citizen of the earth. Time to wake up.

Thanks for your words! I study English for 2 years, and then I left it, and then started practicing from my own. I lived in EUA for 2 months, and since I was 9 I travel around the globe, England was one of those places, gorgeous place! And I still live in the southern hemisphere ;) Hope to change country real soon!

Take care!

Twilight said...

Rafael ~~ No I haven't seen the movie "Twilight" yet. I will probably wait for the DVD.

We'll compromise on the generation issue, shall we? Lets say that all generations have their parts to play in the proper unfolding of history. Those alive at the same points in time (such a right now), in spite of any inborn differences, ought to realise their predecessors (immediate seniors) did what they had to do according to their natures, which must be the right thing in the great scheme of things, even if their attitudes seem wrong to the next group. It's no use being resentful or annoyed about what the did or didn't do, or how they approach things now.
Acceptance and gratitude is the key - gratitude in some cases for having the chance to put right any perceived wrongs, for that is what nature intended.

mrslilypond said...

Hello , I've never been comfortable with Aquarius 'love of groups' I hate groups! I also hate being the focus of attention.
Perhaps it was the influence of being an only child but I much prefer one on one or working alone.

My birthday was on the 25th.

Twilight said...

Hello Mrs. Lilypond ~~~ Thanks for the input. I feel much the same , apart from joining in on-line group stuff, message boards and instant messaging in the past, blogging now. But that kind of thing allows us to be alone, yet part of a community, so we are more comfortable.

I'm an only child also. That probably is very relevant to how we feel. :-)