Sunday, January 25, 2009

ECLIPSE, and me, and them.

This month's Solar eclipse falls directly on my natal Sun which is at 6.46 Aquarius. Well, there are 16minutes of arc difference. The eclipse falls on 6.30 Aquarius. I'll be in dreamland as it occurs here, in the early hours of tomorrow, Monday 26th.

Others who spring to mind immediately, whose natal Sun will also be very close the this eclipse (because their birthdays are on the same day as mine) are Keith Olbermann, Chief Justice Roberts (who made a boo-boo when administering the Oath to President Obama), Mohamed al Fayed (father of Dodi, Princess Di's friend), Derek Acorah, a British medium, Brugh Joy MD (my almost astrological twin), and my husband's younger daughter. My post of last year covers some of these. (Hard to be Humble Birthdays).

When I first noticed where the eclipse would fall I felt a little nervous. I tracked back to the last eclipse in a similar area, this fell in 1990, January 26, at 6.36 Aquarius, even closer to the exact minute of my Sun. I recall nothing of note during the weeks and months immediately following that eclipse. It seems, however, that 1990 eclipse was not of the same series as this current one. The last one of the same series as this touched a degree of Capricorn, in 1991. Still, an eclipse is an eclipse is an eclipse.

My nerves about the upcoming eclipse have now dissolved. I'm not convinced that eclipses are as significant as all that anyway. It's difficult to attribute happenings in one's personal life, or in world affairs, to a single celestial event. Eclipses, solar and lunar occur several times every year. In my opinion they are neither rare enough nor long-lasting enough for us to be able to say that some change or event was "a result of the eclipse".

Currently we have a Saturn/Uranus opposition in Virgo/Pisces, Pluto has recently changed signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn, Jupiter has recently moved into Aquarius for a protracted stay - and now a solar eclipse in Aquarius is added to the mix. There's a lot going on up there, so why attribute anything to a relatively fast-moving eclipse? There'll be another one along soon, then another pair later in the year. In contrast, the Saturn/Uranus opposition will be with us for a lot longer, and Pluto in Capricorn is there for the long haul. Gradual changes are bound to develop over the coming few years, with or without help from eclipses.

I regret departing from commonly held astrological theory on this, but I'm being honest - and obviously I could be very wrong. We shall see. I'll report any significant changes over coming weeks and months, and am prepared to eat my words - with a cherry on top!


Anonymous said...

Are you planning a birthday getaway?

Anonymous said...

What about if you have a progressed new moon happening at the same time as the eclipse as well as it being on your IC? Any thoughts? I am looking to move house this year, so maybe that's the significance. And it's possibly a move abroad, so maybe that's the jupiter conjunct.

Twilight said...

kaleymorris ~~ Later in the week - two more posts to come, Mon/Tues.
Luckily the worst of the weather seems to be expected up to and including Tuesday. We plan to go after that unless an ice storm or something similar intervenes. :-)

Twilight said...

AJ Hi!
I'm the wrong one to ask about progressed planets, because the theory of progressions doesn't appeal to me - sorry! :-)

I'd be looking more at transits and Uranus and Jupiter, possibly even Pluto in relation to a big change of home and maybe country. All three planets are significant in the sky now for one reason or another, and will be for some time into the future.
See how their transits relate to your natal planets now, and in the coming months.

It's tempting to say the eclipse will be involved in your move, especially if you have a natal planet or sensitive point near 6.30 Aquarius (or even 6.30 Leo,Taurus,Scorpio). But my guess is that there'll be more indications than just the eclipse in your chart, for such a major change. :-)

Tessa said...

Twilight - thanks for your article.

The Leo solar eclipse, 8/1/08, was conjunct my natal sun. I anxiously awaited earth-shattering change. In nearly six months, the changes were not to the external landscape, but evolution of my interior geography.

However, at last February's Aquarius solar eclipse, my car was stolen---a subaru wagon, beat-up, and ten years old, not exactly a luxury car. It was parked, during the day, in a City parking garage, supposedly secure. Recovered about ten days later, basically fine, with only the emergency kit I had stashed missing.

Eclipse? Something goes missing...

Twilight said...

Hi Tessa! ~~ Thank you for that input, it's always good to have real-life information to check against text books and common assumption. I'll re-assess my own inner geography later in the year then, and see whether I can spot any changes. :-)

Glad you retrieved your car and losses were minimal.

Unknown said...

Hi Twilight,

Enjoy your birthday break...going anywhere nice?

Like you I'll wait and see what, if anything, the eclipse brings. I think I've read that it's more to do with increasing the energy of everything else in the vicinity. With everything crowded into Aquarius and Capricorn (8 planets + True Node) at the moment I thought the concentration was big enough as it is without more of a bang for my bucks.

All 1st and 12th house stuff to stir up with a bit of 2nd and 8th thrown into the recipe for good measure. So personal identity, dreams, and my North and South Nodes...Mmmmm. Will have to let you know when I've recovered from the shock!

It's also supposed to hit London at 7.55am GMT. Just in time for the opening of the financial markets in the City...maybe another type of BIG BANG!

Twilight said...

Hi Rossa ~~ We're hoping to go down into Texas, San Antonio, for a long weekend. :-)

I've read so many different views on what eclipses in general, and this one in particular, might bring, that I got fed up with it all and uttered that well known phrase or saying "I don't give a flying wotnot!" The eclipse, or any other sky event barring a flying saucer, will not rule my life, any more than terrorists will" (Aries Moon and Saturn..) Now - the weather - that's different!

It'll all become clearer with hindsight - were we eclipsed or not eclipsed ? ;-D

Anonymous said...

"This month's Solar eclipse falls directly on my natal Sun..." ~ I do hope it does it no damage.

Happy Birthday. I hope the weather doesn't upset your plans.

Wisewebwoman said...

Enjoy your birthday, dearest T and try and grab some lovely heat in Texas.
I will not allow a silly ol' eclipse to touch you. So there.

Twilight said...

RJ ~~~ I'm wearing me tin foil hat, just in case. ;-)

Thanks for the good wishes.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Oh, thank you!
Yes, it'll be a wee bit warmer down there.