Monday, January 19, 2009

George Michael

For some mysterious reason, Huffington Post last week featured a 3-year old article by Johann Hari: an interview with George Michael which had appeared originally in the UK's Independent newspaper. Old or not, it was an interesting read and got me itching to look at George's natal chart again.

Born 25 June 1963 in London, England at, according to Astrotheme, 6.00am.

In the interview covered by Hari's article George discusses the sensitivity and vulnerabilities he experienced, arising from realisation that he is gay. One of the commenters at HuffPo remarked that being gay never did Elton John any harm, even allowing for his peculiar wigs, specs and hair-dos. Astrology explains this difference. Elton John has Sun in Aries. Aries Suns don't give a flying wotnot what others think of them, their appearance or anything else about them. I can give personal testimony on this, for my husband has Sun in Aries. George Michael's natal Sun is in ultra-sensitive Cancer, and whilst I cannot give personal testimony to Sun in Cancer, I know only too well that my natal Cancer rising endowed me with a multitude of pesky and painful sensitivities. Some of George's self-penned songs are testament to his intense sensitivity: "Jesus To A Child" and "You Have Been Loved", for example ooze with pain and deep feeling.

George Michael's chart will have been chewed on many times by astrologers in the past. He has decorated news reports on several occasions following some less than salubrious incidents in public toilets. I wrote on the topic in 2007 - here.

I'll not do another boring old interpretation. I will though point out a couple or three things, expanding on what I wrote earlier.

The two Yod formations with Jupiter at one apex (right) and Neptune at the other(below). Both link directly or indirectly to Pluto which, at the time lay conjunct Fixed Star Zosma.

One Yod has Pluto as one half of the sextile, in the the other Yod Pluto links to the Mercury/Venus conjunction via square (90*) aspect.

I came across Zosma when looking into Ann Coulter's chart - here. This Fixed Star is said to have connections to victims or saviours. Neither of which type seemed relevant in Coulter's case, and nor do they here - well not exactly as usually understood.

Because Pluto is a very slow-mover it remains in the same area for a long period, so millions would have been born during the time Pluto and Zosma lay in close proximity. The conjunction becomes significant in a natal chart only when there's an aspect or connection from Pluto to a personal planet or sensitive point. In George Michael's case, Mars is conjunct Pluto/Zosma, also they form part of a Yod formation linking to Jupiter, as well as making square aspect to Mercury and Venus.

In George's chart I don't look in particular for his singing talent - he's good, very good, heck, he should have been one of the greatest! There are many other good vocalists in the crowd. He has a particular peculiarity - notoriety in the realm of public sexual activity. Pluto traditionally links to sexual issues, and Pluto's relatively rare but potent connections in this chart are likely to play a major part in George's past scenarios.

Regarding Zosma, I suspect that we should take the traditional interpretations of it, and of all Fixed Stars, with a good pinch of salt. I intend to assume that when one of them is closely involved in a natal chart, something extra special or extra unusual is likely to be found in the individual, depending on which planets and stars are involved. But that's just my personal view!

"Jesus to a Child" - George's song written in tribute to a lover who died:

.........So the words you could not say
I'll sing them for you
And the love we would have made
I'll make it for two

For every single memory
Has become a part of me
You will always be My love....


Rossa said...

Hi Twilight,

George is one of my favourite singers. Got most of his albums. Always loved his voice, more so after Wham and it had matured a bit more.

Your comment on Zosma and a connection to victims/saviours rang a bell. Over the last few years George has been stopped several times for driving under the influence of drugs. Either slumped over the wheel or causing an accident. Together with his habit of cruising and men's toilets, he seems to indulge in classic victim behaviour then looks to be "saved" by his fans forgiving him and still going to his concerts and buying his music.

He was supposed to have retired after one of his usual rants against the music industry and he had a BIG row with Elton John about his lifestyle (George's that is). Then up he pops doing so called one off gigs. Don't know where it will end for him. He seems to be in a long term relationship though claims it's an open once hence the promiscuity.

Hope he doesn't end up like Freddie Mercury....and that's another tragic story of an all time great. There's still no-one to match FM's voice, though there have been some imitators. Don't get many stadium rock bands these days. May explain why the old ones like Led Zeppelin have reformed for nostalgia tours, or is it just to boost their pensions!

Twilight said...

Rossa~~~ Good point about George and Zosma and victimhood !

I love his voice in slower ballads, not so keen on the rocky stuff he's done. My favourite album of his is "Songs of the Last Century" - every track is great!

He almost seems to have a death-wish doesn't he? I do hope that with more maturity he'll see sense.

I've just been looking at two charts of suicide victims, both had oppositions from chiron to a personal planet. George has one of these too. I don't see him as a suicide victim, but if he goes on in the same way as in recent years he'll kill his career for good. I feel like giving him a slap to wake him up!!

Wisewebwoman said...

There's also another aspect to stars like George, too, T and that is that elderly women adore him. They adore Barry Manilow and Liberace too to name a couple more. The sons they never had as some would have it.
I worry about George also, under the influence he does some outre behaviour.

kaleymorris said...

"Aries Suns don't give a flying wotnot what others think of them, their appearance or anything else about them. I can give personal testimony on this, for my husband has Sun in Aries."
Ha! Ha-ha-ha! Ha!
So, what're you trying to say here?

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Hmmmm - do they? I hadn't appreciated that :-) Maybe I do have covert maternal longings after all then ROF!!! :-D

Twilight said...

kaleymorris~ Erm - have you ever noticed your Dad's wardrobe? LOL!
I love the way he doesn't care what he's wearing - at any time, anywhere ! It's one of the many things I admire about him.
I think it comes partly from his 'Murican roots and partly, or mainly, from his Aries Sun.
"This is me - take it or leave it!"
That's how Elton is, and most people decide to take it. :-)

Rossa said...

Interesting point about the Aries Sun. My progressed Sun is in Aries and I'm now at the stage in life where I don't give a flying wotnot there must be something in it.

Can't say I want to mother Goerge though. No maternal feelings at all.

Twilight said...

Rossa - I think we all get to the "don't give a flying wotnot" stage via different routes eventually - age'll do it! ;-)