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ASTROLOGERS Born with Sun in Taurus

The Sun is about to slide into zodiac sign Taurus. I'll follow a pattern I seem to have set for myself over the past three months of spotlighting astrologers with Sun in sign of the month.

Searching Wikipedia's list of astrologers for any Sun in Taurus astrologers afforded slim pickings. I found three, from very different eras. The earlier two encountered difficulties closely entangled with dramatic events of their own times; the 20th/21st century astrologer is having a much less adventurous ride, for which I'm sure she feels truly thankful!

In date order

William Lilly born 11 May [Old Style 1 May] 1602 in Diseworth, England; died 9 June 1681.

From a good article at Urania Trust
Astrology was extremely popular in the 16th and 17th centuries, although in England there was a lack of important astrological writings until the 17th century, perhaps due to the “malice of the clergy” or the “servile fear” of astrologers, who were uncertain about their legal status.7 Amongst the growing number of amateur and professionals, one name stands out, that of William Lilly, probably the most acclaimed astrologer of his time. The flood of astrological publications from the 1640s onward, as well as the success of Lilly and other astrologers, brought to astrology a “greater vigour, confidence and assertiveness, and (paradoxically) a new respectability.”

Lilly's many predictions, often turning out to be correct, drew much attention, and some problems. During the years of the English Civil War he was thought to be a parliamentarian, but was in hot water more than once with the authorities for apparently helping the royalists. Engravings in his Monarchy and No Monarchy, (1651) showing the Great Plague and the Fire of London caused him to be called to appear before a committee set up to investigate the cause of the Great Fire of London, predicted in his book five years earlier. There was a suspicion that Lilly might have been involved in planning the disaster - but he was not found gulity of any wrongdoing.

Later in his life Lilly studied medicine and was granted a license to practice. From 1670 on he was well-known as a physician as well as an astrologer.

He published 15 major works on astrology as well as 36 almanacs and was consulted by famous individuals of the time. See There's another excellent piece at Skyscript by David Plant: The Life and Work of William Lilly

Natal chart at Astrodatabank indicates a very Earthy personality. 4 Planets in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo, with an opposition to Taurus planets from Saturn in Scorpio, and a square from Moon in Capricorn to Jupiter in Airy Libra.

Earthy he may have been, but he had the mix of Water and Air ingredients in his makeup, the presence of which do seem necessary bring forth an astrologer of some note.

Karl Ernst Krafft born 10 May 1900 in Basel, Switzerland; died, died 8 January 1945, was famously (or notoriously), known as "Hitler's astrologer"

Krafft's originally preferred astrological style was in statistical research. He had tried to emulate his idol, Paul Choisnard and continue his work on "astral heredity", without much acclaim or success. In those pre-computer days statistical research had to be a hit-and-miss affair, I guess. Between 1926 and 1930 he turned to traditional natal and mundane astrology, economic prediction, while having some of his older statistical work published in astrological journals of the time.

He moved to Germany in 1937.

From website of Astrological Association of St. Louis
Krafft now entered the large and literate German pre-WWII astrological community as a serious writer. He published his Traité (1939) and abandoned statistical work, having relocated with his wife to Germany and his much-admired National Socialism in 1937.

His descent began with his own telegram to the German Head Office for State Security drawing attention to his prediction of a 1939 Hitler assassination attempt, which had turned out to be accurate. Reich propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels took note, as did deputy Führer Rudolf Hess, and, when Hess flew to Scotland in 1941 on a “peace mission,” Krafft was arrested along with hundreds of other astrologers during “Aktion Hess.” Wilhelm Wulff, later Reich Leader-SSHeinrich Himmler’s personal astrologer, says in Zodiac and Swastika (1973)that “...I had to swear I would no longer work as an astrologer. I was also watched from that moment on.”

Hess’s own astrologer, Ernst Schulte-Strathaus, was also imprisoned, following a pattern established years earlier with the murders of SA chief Ernst Röhm and his astrologer, Dr. Karl-Guenther Heimsoth, in 1934 (David Berlinski, The Secrets of the Vaulted Sky, 2003).

Incorrectly dubbed “Hitler’s pet astrologer” (that was probably Hess, and then Elsbeth Ebertin) by British propagandist astrologer Captain Louis de Wohl, who was a German refugee himself (see Bobrick, The Fated Sky, 2005), Krafft was mainly employed by the Nazis to compose predictive disinformation based on the Nostradamus prophecies until, no longer useful to his employers, he was sent to his fate as an unstable and uncontrollable practitioner of a "presumptive” activity".

His real importance lies in the object lesson his life provides for astrologers today. He became famous in spite of himself. Karl Ernst Krafft died 8 January 1945, en route to Buchenwald concentration camp.

Wilhelm Wulff, one of the few astrologers to survive, says, “National Socialism was smashed and disappeared from the scene. Astrology in Germany, although decades behind the times, remained.”
Another article on this topic ~ Hitler's Astrologer.

Natal chart at Astrodatabank . He had only Sun in Taurus, with more Earthy input from Virgo rising and Saturn in Capricorn. Moon in Airy Libra, Venus in Watery Cancer and a good helping of Fire from Mercury and Mars in Aries, Jupiter and Uranus in Sagittarius. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were all in their signs of rulership, Moon and Venus were in mutual reception - so this was a strong chart. A little more emphasis on the Water element, though, might have afforded Krafft more intuition, and led him away from the danger awaiting him in Nazi Germany.

Deborah Houlding born 14 May 1962, Mansfield, UK. I recognise her as creator of one of the internet's best astrology websites: Skyscript.
From a profile there:
UK astrologer Deborah Houlding has been instrumental in bringing traditional astrological techniques back to the forefront of modern day practice. She was the award-winning editor of the much respected Traditional Astrologer Magazine, founded in 1993 when she also established Ascella Publications to specialise in producing rare and out-of-print traditional astrological texts. Since the late 1980s she has been active in researching the astronomical and symbolic basis of the techniques used in the traditional art of western astrology, from its earliest roots to its contemporary extensions.

Deborah's book The Houses: Temples of the Sky is regarded as an essential text for anyone seeking a truly informed knowledge of the development and use of astrological houses. It is available in translation in Czech, German (awaiting publication) and Italian. Her expert awareness of the techniques of William Lilly and his contemporaries, enabled her to produce a richly annotated reproduction of Lilly's voluminous 17th century classic Christian Astrology, acclaimed for the illuminating explanations that accompany the main body of the text. She is currently preparing a similarly annotated reproduction of Culpeper's 17th century Astrological Judgement of Disease as well as completing a history of classical astrology.

Besides frequent event appearances and the many articles that have appeared in magazines and astrological journals around the world, Deborah hosts and maintains Skyscript, one of the most popular and informative astrology sites on the web. She also leads her own School of Traditional Astrology (STA), which tutors astrologers to a professional level of horary practice by correspondence and residential workshops.

Natal chart at Astrodatabank: I'm not going to presume to interpret the chart of a living astrologer - what impertinence that'd be! Enough to say here that Ms Houlding has only Sun in Taurus, with Moon in Virgo (more Earth) and Cancer (Water) rising. Airy credentials come via Mercury and Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius (well-equipped in that department); and extra Water from Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio. Mars in Aries gives enough of a Fiery spark to get her work noticed! She has exactly the right astro-equipment, it seems to matter not in which sign or element the Sun resides, as long as it's complemented by some Air and, importantly, Water.


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Vanilla Rose said...

Excuse off-topic remark, but today is George Takei's birthday, and I wondered if you had covered his chart already?

Artemis said...

Very interesting article, thanks! I consider myself a diviner, more than solely an astrologer, so I thought I'd write you a message for your records. I've got sun in Taurus, moon and ascendant in Virgo, and a Gemini Mercury. Pluto and Moon in the first, lots of action in the 8th... at least that's where I attribute it all to! Taurus is considered indeed to be very earthy, bound to the practical and the sensual, but of course a lot depends on what else is also going on.

Twilight said...

DC ~~ Glad you found it so! :-)

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~~ Had to look up who he is - am not a Star Trek fan, as you will realise! I'll look into doing a post on him soon though - having problems getting used to Blogger's new interface at present, so am slowed down - they forced it on us today. :-(

Twilight said...

Artemis ~~ Hi there!

Many thanks for your input. Gemini Mercury's a good one!
If you've no Water though my theory that astrologers need at least a bit in their charts doesn't hold....well, water. ;-)

Artemis said...

Hello again! Actually I think your theory about Water in astrologers' (or diviners') charts is very valid (haha I loved the water expression!). But perhaps it all comes down to point of view, and the 'style' of the diviner.

I have no water planets, the only thing that comes near is a bright Leo Jupiter in the 12th. Moon in the 1st is also very active and aspected, and so is Neptune. Go figure! How about you, where do you attribute your lifelong interest in all this? Is it Water, or Plutonian influences, or both?

I think that astrologers with a lot of Water in their chart are excellent to divine for people with lots of water in their own chart. I used to know an excellent tarot card reader with lots of Pisces in him - most of his words just flew by me, and it was a struggle for me to focus on the few more tangible bits that interested me! :-)

Vanilla Rose said...

George Takei is sooo much more than just someone who used to be in the original "Star Trek". He is very witty and very camp and is working on a musical about Japanese-Americans being interned during World War 2.

Twilight said...

Artemis ~~~ Hmmmm. It's a topic fraught with variables - as is astrology in general, I always think.

House position has to be considered, as your experience indicates, and if exact time of birth is known - house position is always useful, and can add Watery favour, it has done so in your case, I guess.

I do agree that astrologers and their "clients" do best when their astro credentials are a good match.
As in any relationship, so a Watery astrologer would do best work with a Watery client.

I have Pluto in first, Sun in 8th if my rectified birth time is anywhere near correct - which I believe it is - within half an hour anyway.

My main interest in astrology has never been consultation. I'm mainly interested in mild research, finding out what works, wondering how and why, and what is unnecessary "fluff" in astrology (a lot, if I dare say so). ;-)

I've assumed that Cancer Rising with Jupiter in Pisces, Mars in Scorpio help me with some insight, intuition, while Aquarius Sun and Capricorn Mercury propel me towards a more investigative and impersonal style. My Splash pattern chart= scattered energies - so much to find of interest, so many bridges to cross. ;-)

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~~ Right! Sounds interesting. I'll get on it for a post for next week.

(I've discovered it's still possible to switch back & forth between the old & new Blogger interfaces, for now anyway - they'll probably ditch that facility shortly though).