Wednesday, November 07, 2007

No end in sight, but a scenic horizon.

The saga of my application for US citizenship trundles on.....and on....and... Venus retrograde, Mercury retrograde periods have both come and gone, still no progress, now it's the turn of Mars!

My cheque sent on 26 July has still not been cashed, in common with those of many others who applied via the Texas Service Center around the same few weeks in July/August. Eventually, even after they've condescended to cash my cheque and enter my application into their systems, there'll still be a series of long waits, as frontlogs turn to backlogs. Compared to the obstacles and difficulties some people have to live with, this is very minor stuff - but frustrating nevertheless.

Transiting Jupiter is, as I type, conjoining my natal Venus in Sagittarius (bring on the wanderlust!)

Something nice is in order - as an antidote to frustration. We're taking ourselves off, right now (just for a couple of days), to see the fall foliage on Talimena Scenic Drive, which follows the tops of the Kiamichi Mountains in the Ouachita National Forest, between Oklahoma and Arkansas. The name Talimena Drive comes from the towns nearest each end of the 54-mile stretch of road. On the Oklahoma side is Talihina. On the Arkansas side is Mena, the purported hub of the Arkansas mafia’s drug flights, I'm told. (Arkansas has a mafia!!??)

Maybe I'll have a chance to upload posts from the road - maybe not. It'll depend on how civilised is the motel where we hole up.


Richard said...

Have yourselves a great trip.

Twilight said...

Thanks Richard - we did!

RJ Adams said...

You don't say how long your application's been in, but it took me five years to gain my permanent resident status (removal of the 'conditions'). I have absolutely NO intention of applying for US citizenship. I think I'd rather be shot at dawn. In fact, if the political situation deteriorates much further, that may well be a distinct possibility.

My wife and I honeymooned in Arkansas in November 2002 - the Ozarks. It was really nice. I'm glad you had a good trip.

Twilight said...


My (now) husband came over to England for a time so that we could marry there, also so that we would be eligible to file via the US Embassy in London for my original visa, so as to by-pass the hassle of the Service Centers in the USA.

That visa gave me Conditional Permanent Resident status with a 2 year Green Card. Last year I applied to have the conditions removed (after 2 years of marriage) and now have a 10 year Green Card. I became eligible for citizenship at the end of July and applied at once.

I understand your feelings on the matter of citizenship. My main reasons for applying are to be able to vote, and to have (hopefully) more freedom to come and go (or go and come back) if the need were to arise....and the way things are going the need might well arise!!