Saturday, November 17, 2007

Home Style

Sometimes I visualise living in a house or apartment decorated and furnished in minimalist style. Maybe natal Neptune in Virgo in 4th house is responsible for this craving for neatness and purity of design. Actually, though, with an ever growing collection of paintings and prints and the usual decorative tid-bits around, our home is far from minimalist. Being married to a clutter-bug of the highest order adds to the scene. I must attract clutter-bugs. My late partner was the type who'd go through the trash to reclaim just about anything I threw away because "we might need it one day - you'll be grateful then!" HeWhoKnows is one step further along the road to clutterdom, he can often be seen picking stuff up off the street - shopping lists, buttons, coins (Neptune in Virgo in 2nd house of possessions - what went wrong?) Sigh.

I suspect that there's a marked difference in the natal charts of those who prefer and achieve a minimalist environment, who feel comfortable with starkness, and of those who need lots of homely comforting clutter, pretty flowery prints, pillows, ornaments etc.

By nature, Taurus and Cancer are the homeliest of the signs, a lot of either in one's chart would tend to incline a body to comfort - minimalism wouldn't appeal. Virgo, whilst an Earth sign, could probably still cope with the starkness of minimalism - though rather based on wood tones than black and white.Capricorn and Aquarius (traditionally ruled by Saturn) could probably deal with starkness too, as could Leo if they considered minimalism to be a status symbol! AnyonewithSagittarius prominent likes a lot, I guess they'd go for opulence, comfort and clutter. Prominent Libra enjoys beauty rather than utility or trendiness, so a homely, pretty style for them. Gemini could care less, as long as there's a bookshelf, a TV, CD player and computer around, they could live with minimalism, but they wouldn't notice. Pisces and Scorpio, two emotional Water signs would, I think, go for imaginative and attractive styles, more likely leaning towards comfort. Aries - I'm not sure - someone with lots of Aries in their natal chart wouldn't care deeply about their surroundings, they're too restless and too busy doing stuff.

Other cultures, past and present have, from necessity, lived with a type of minimalism - their only option. A prediction: in years to come people everywhere will return to a very much simpler way of life, a million miles from both the studied stylishness of today's minimalist decor and the opulence and clutter of traditional styles.

A short video, compiled by yours truly, illustrates a few "all or nothing at all" styles of living.


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely not 'into' astrology, though I'll happily go along with your description of this Gemini. Loved the video. You're very talented. There were a few minimalist houses featured that I could be happy in, though my dear wife prefers something with a little more of the creature comforts.

(slowly recovering; not as yet feeling able to post anything. It won't be long though, the urges are returning - so to speak!)

Thanks for your kindly comments on my blog. They were much appreciated.

Twilight said...

Thank you kindly RJ ! I'm not sure about "talented" though - I'm like a child with a box of bricks or lump of clay! :-)

I'm happy to know you're feeling a wee bit better, and likely to be pounding the keyboard again soon.