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Jupiter's People

Sagittarius and Pisces, traditionally both ruled by planet Jupiter, described by 20th century American astrologer, Carl Payne Tobey in his book "Astrology Primer for the Millions". His assessments throw some light on similarities and differences between two zodiac signs ruled by the same planet. What he had to say about the people of Mercury(Gemini/Virgo) Venus(Taurus/Libra) and Mars(Aries/Scorpio) was covered in earlier months - relevant links at the end of this post.

The author focuses on something I hadn't given much thought to previously - the links between pairs of zodiac signs with a common planetary ruler in traditional astrology. I find this fascinating, and in true Aquarian fashion have to wonder "Why? How might this work ?" Questions with no answers.

This month it's the turn of Jupiter's people - anyone with emphasis on Sagittarius or Pisces, via the Sun, a cluster of planets, the Moon, rising sign, or midheaven in the natal chart.

The author tells us that, whereas Gemini and Virgo (see Mercury's People)relate to the nervous system, Sagittarius and Pisces are connected to "something beyond the nervous system, which is in some way connected to it. These signs relate to some of the phenomena, that orthodox science and academicians are afraid to investigate.The psychic powers are related to Pisces while intuition is related to Sagittarius."

Mr Tobey points out that, in modern astrology, Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Sagittarius by Jupiter. Traditionally both came under rulership of Jupiter, hence, perhaps, the similarities.

"Both of these signs have a strong curiosity about the unknown and something akin to a religious interest, although it may not be a church type of interest. The consciousness of both signs goes beyond the usual, everyday affairs of life. Survival and money making isn't enough."

Some similarities between the two signs:
They are less inclined to live by rules and regulations, not inclined to be atheists, less likely to doubt life after death, or existence in form prior to this life, both recognise the vastness of the unknown and less likely to accept what authorities say about it. Both signs like to travel and explore.

"Yet in other respects, these two signs are the opposite of each other", the author tells us.

Sagittarius is direct and to the point, outspoken with no heed for consequences- "plain simple honesty, the sort of thing society requests, but can't take."

"The Sagittarian is in a constant state of evolution. Seldom do we find one of these people who remains within the church in which he was brought up. Not easily brainwashed, truth is more important to them than loyalty to any church, family or heredity. Interested in all branches of knowledge, anything to do with hidden truth."

"The average Sagittarian is more jovial than other signs. If you need help he won't walk by. If you are down he will want to cheer you up, and he may then try to indocrinate you with his philosophy, not to indoctrinate you but to cheer you up and give you a better, more optimistic outlook..."

"Pisces is the opposite of Sagittarius in many respects. In place of intuition it is likely to have psychic powers. It may dream things before they happen. It lives partly in some other, unknown world. It can have mental and emotional problems that Sagittarius is not likely to know about, unless it has some very negative Neptunian afflictions. In place of outspokenness, Pisces is secretive. Instead of wanting to tell the truth, it will tell you what it thinks will have the best effect on you, or the effect that it desires. Nobody ever knows just what the Pisces person thinks because it never tells its true thoughts to anyone .....because it knows that society is too brainwashed to to be able to face the truth."

"Pisces people are sympathetic and compassionate, like Sagittarian folk they have a good sense of humour, Piscean humour is subtle though."

Mr Tobey considers that: "The sign (Pisces) can consume a great deal of alcohol without becoming alcoholic, in fact many Pisces seem to thrive on alcohol without finding it injurious. Scorpio is more likely to become alcoholic, perhaps because of guilt. Whatever it (Pisces) may do, it doesn't have any feeling that it is wrong. In its own way, Pisces is a type of moralist. Its heart goes out to the lower beings, the ones who are really being abused. It doesn't believe God is so sadistic as to approve the moral codes of modern society"

"Whereas Pisces recognises that most moral codes are strictly phoney and born of hypocrisy, it doesn't try to change them, it goes around them and does what it wishes, secretly. Sagittarius on the other hand crusades to change the laws and is too apt to mistake hypocisy for ignorance. It can't really believe that human nature is dishonest because its own nature is not dishonest."

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