Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ye Olde Astrologie Shoppe

A thought from the romantically named, but rather unlovely, Poplar Bluff in southern Missouri, where Poplars are strangely elusive. After several days of exposure to America's midwest, I'm experiencing a feeling of relief that astrology is not as commonly accepted as some other services and commodities. Were my favourite subject ever to become more widely accepted, it might suffer badly in translation.

I've seen numerous "shoppes" over past days. "Vitamin Shoppe", "Beauty Shoppe", "Book Shoppe", "Flower Shoppe", "Coffee Shoppe", "Computer Shoppe", to name a few. And what about "Kountry Kubbard" - let's not even go there!!

Imagine what the Great Unwashed would do to astrology!
Ariez, Kancer, Skorppio, Capricorne, Marz, Merkury......Gawd help us all!

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