Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What?....Not to wear?

I occasionally watch the American TV version of "What Not To Wear". The two presenters, Clinton and Stacy, are considerably more entertaining than their UK counterparts, the dreaded Trinny and Susannah.

I always wonder how long the fashion experts' advice will stick, once the $5000-worth of new classy gear has been outworn by the subject of each show. Will the hapless object of our scrutiny revert once more to their earlier random ways, which, in any case, are probably more in keeping with their astrology, and true self.

While these shows are entertaining, and I'm interested in what the experts consider "a good look" for their client, I can't help feeling that it's all wrong to tell someone what to wear. How we dress, style our hair, makeup our face (or not), is an integral part of our "being". Changing the way a person looks, to fit someone else's idea, seems to me like taking a pink rose and painting it purple with orange dots. "But", you might say, "the subjects were never rose-like to begin with". Perhaps not - but each is unique. Unique is beautiful.

Sure enough, a new hairstyle can change one's appearance, perhaps compensate for a high forehead or oversized nose. Why should everyone appear to be in possession of standard-sized features? Good looks and good taste are in the eye and opinion of the beholder, the most important beholder, in my opinion, is oneself.

Perhaps my own astrology is showing here: Aquarius Sun/Aries Moon. American astrologer of the mid-20th century, Grant Lewi, credits this combination with possessing "utter independence". That's possibly the kindest part of the interpretation in his book "Heaven Knows What". I swear that he'd been frightened by an Aquarius/Aries at an early age and never got over it!

As I see it, a young woman whose wardrobe is made up of sparkly tee shirts, big clumpy boots, and gaudy floral skirts may not appear to dress in the best possible taste, but she is expressing something of herself. Another woman might prefer to dress in sombre greys, black and navy blue, with a lot of formal tailoring. Again, she's expressing a part of her personality (no prizes for guessing which planet and/or signs are strong in her natal chart). The experts would probably encourage her to wear lighter, brighter hues, in an altogether softer more feminine style - I'd wager that within a year she'd be back back with the grey, black and navy!

Something else too - by dressing as "who we aren't", the likelihood of attracting inompatible lovers, friends, and employers may be very high. The messages we'd be giving out would be false.

We are what we are, and I reckon the beauty is in accepting it.

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