Friday, May 04, 2007


Arty-farty Friday #2
We're in Columbus now, a nice weekend with HeWhoKnows Junior ahead. Four different motel rooms have garnished our trip so far, with pictures on their walls ranging in quality from the barely mediocre to the frankly ridiculous. These offered up nerry a single inspiration for Arty-farty Friday. A covered bridge we found on a by-way in Cumberland County, Illinois, near a little village called Greenup was considerably more inspiring. It's a work of art, for sure - shades of "Madison County"! Eat your heart out Clint Eastwood, HeWhoKnows had Nikon at the ready!

This is a re-constructed bridge, built a few years ago at a cost of 2.8 million dollars. It's said to be an exact replica of the original bridge over a river called Embarass (pronouned Am-braw). The story goes that Abraham Lincoln helped build the original.

How to connect this lovely construction with astrology is a puzzle. Let's see - Saturn must represent the solid craft and skillful planning and workmanship it took to build this bridge. Virgo represents the close attention to detail required, and the Earthy pathway of wood which carries travellers safely over water. (Click on photos for larger view - I think!)

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