Saturday, December 02, 2006

Six Humorists and Their Astrology- Conclusions.

So what have I learned from my recent exercise investigating six favourite writers of a particular genre all born with Pluto in Gemini?

I'm very pleased to say that there ARE some similarities.

3 of the 6 had Sun/Moon oppositions (2 between same signs, planets reversed), 2 others had oppositions between different planets.

4 of the 6 had Yods in their charts (2 inconjunct aspects linked by a sextile)

4 of the 6 had a planet closely conjunct their Suns (Lewis & Parker had Mars, Thurber had Venus, Perelman had Saturn).

As Neptune moved from Taurus to Gemini to Cancer a subtle change of approach can be detected.

Here's an odd thing - they were all either winter or summer-born people, none between.
Lewis, Perelman, Thurber and Smith born early February and December, Parker and Nash born August.
This was likely to put their Sun and/ or Mercury in either Capricorn or Virgo - giving them earthy stability with Mercurial benefits.

I understand that though Mercury governs all communication , to succeed as a writer of any kind there ought to be some influence between Mercury and Saturn to provide stability - the wish to sit down and write, in other words. 2 of the 6 have Mercury in Capricorn (Lewis and Perelman), two others have minor aspects Mercury to Saturn( Parker and Thurber). Nash has Saturn at the point of a Yod, H Allen Smith has Uranus and Venus in Capricorn, but no link to Mercury, Saturn is square his Sun though.

I'm curious about those Yods and oppositions. Both are said to be indications of innate tension. The tension in some of these lives is apparent, even from the scant information I was able to glean. Perhaps humour provided a release from this built-in problem - which apparently continued to follow some of them around in spite of their efforts to ease it. Even after achieving success and fame it seems that several of the six were not happy people.

I picked these individuals for no other reason than that they each have impressed me at some stage in my life, most have remained in memory for more than 50 years ! There are numerous other well-known humorists and serious writers of the same era, of course. The odd coincidences I have noted may not occur generally. The only external links between the 6 are: all American, all born between 1885 and 1907, all humorists, all successful, they all appeal to me.

Conclusion: If one uses a broad brush and stands well back, astrology works ! I've always known that, but it's nice to see it in action.

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