Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Astro-Population Explosion

"Two hundred years ago, the average person on Earth might meet 200 to 300 people in a lifetime. Today a resident of New York City can live and work among 220,000 people within a 10-minute radius of his home or office in midtown Manhattan.

Only one city in all of history -- ancient Rome -- boasted a population of more than a million before the 19th century. London became the first modern city with a population over 1 million in 1820. Today 414 cities boast populations of a million or more, and there's no end in sight."

The above extract from a news article yesterday set my mind off on an astrological track, unrelated to the original topic of the piece: What effects have there been, or will there be, astrologically, as a result of population explosion?

My thoughts:

a) There will be more people on Earth who have identical, or similar birth charts than ever before in human history. Of course, their similarities will be stretched into wide variation due to ethnicity, locality, background, and other factors, but basic character traits could survive externalities. In densely populated areas such as New York, place of birth being closely similar too, the effect could be more extreme.

b) There will be more people born into EVERY second, and nano-second, tiny fragments of time, with minutely different alignments of planets and points. It's possible that in past history no births might have taken place at all in these microscopically tiny segments of time. Could this bring forth elements of human nature not before experienced - previously unimagined abilities perhaps ?

c) A greater number of people within each generation gives the outer planets influence over more people. Their influence will not be stronger individually, but greater weight of numbers could produce more noticeable generational differences.

d) Would greater weight of positive/negative polarities cause opinions to become ever more emphatically polarised ?

e) Perhaps an increased interest in astrology in past years is one tangible result, both generationally, and individually - more people born with "just the right alignments"?

There are probably more inspiring potentialities..... some more sinister ones, too, come to think of it... I'll decide not to....think of it!

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