Sunday, December 17, 2006


I've mentioned elsewhere in this blog that I believe those of us who feel drawn into astrology have a particular type of sensitivity built-in. I haven't yet been able to find out where and how this is represented in a natal chart. Perhaps it isn't, not completely.

I like to think that one example of this astro-sensitivity occurs when we feel "attracted to" a particular actor, singer, writer, teacher, or anyone actively communicating either communally or personally with us. I've found, in my own experience, that in almost all cases of such "attraction" there turns out to be some correlation between my astrology and that of the other person. This is most remarkable when it arises from non-personal communication such as TV or film . How can it be ? Actors in film and TV are portraying fictional characters. How does their astrological self bleed through their performance to find my astro-antenna ? I don't know, but it has happened to me too many times for mere coincidence, and I'm certain that others have experienced it too.

That kind of astro-sensing is enormously significant to me. It's a flag waving right in front of my eyes bearing the words "Something IS going on here!!"


Anonymous said...

I think its energy sensitivity. People are always projecting their energy whether their medium is being onscreen, through their writing, art, or even by having an online presence!
Astrology Definitely explains this chemistry in a tangible form of language.


Twilight said...

Yes, KR!SS, agreed - and isn't it remarkable that those energies are retained over countless years on film and video, in books and paintings?
I find it truly fascinating !