Saturday, December 16, 2006

Charlotte's Web of Synchronicity

This week I've been bumping into synchronicity more than usual. Should anyone stumble across this blog entry and be unsure what synchronicity is, here are a couple of definitions which appeal to me :

"A wink from the Cosmos"........ (This puts it neatly in a nutshell )

"The uncanny coincidence. The unlikely conjunction of events. The startling serendipity. Who hasn’t had it happen in their life? You think of someone for the first time in years, and run into them a few hours later. An unusual phrase you’d never heard before jumps out at you three times in the same day. On a back street in a foreign country, you bump into a college roommate. A book falls off the shelf at the bookstore and it’s exactly what you need. "

And one possible explanation for all of this -

"No, you're not crazy. You are part of the Universe, and the Universe is communicating with itself."

So, my recent chain of synchronistic events went something like this:

I wrote a blog about James Thurber, one of the Pluto in Gemini writers that I love(see list on left).

I noticed that one of his books was co-written by E.B. White (with whom I was not familiar).

I searched for information on E B White, noted he had written a book called "The Elements of Style" ( hints to become a more stylish writer.) I ordered it, for this I need!

Researched some more, noted that EBW also wrote children's books including one called "Charlotte's Web"- I had never heard of this book before (I'm English, remember.)

Went out to a family dinner last night, "Charlotte's Web" was mentioned in conversation, in jocular manner in connection with reading matter for senior students.

Came home, glanced at the local newspaper - noticed one of the films showing in town is "Charlotte's Web" this point I began to feel the hairs prickle on the back of my neck!

We switched on the TV, watched Letterman interview someone I'd never heard of who turned out to be connected with the film "Charlotte's Web" (one of the voices, I think.)

I still await delivery of "Elements of Style", but am pretty certain that the Cosmos is giving me a wink, telling me that I've chosen my writing mentor well.
E.B. White deserves a blog entry. He shall have one.

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