Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mercury Rocks!

Woweeeee! Things are looking up ! I found 2 comments. I'm not as invisible as I thought I might be. Even better - both comments gave me confidence that I might actually be on the right track astrology-wise, one with regard to Thorne Smith/Douglas Adams, the other related to the entry on The Astrology of Blogging. Thanks y'all!

I'm on a kind of "I Luv Mercury" kick just now. I feel that Mercury is such a major factor in our personalities, yet it's overshadowed in popular astrology by Sun, Moon and ascendant. Nothing works without Mercury, it's the essential ingredient in almost everything you can think of, it's working all the time. Whether we're sitting alone, reading, typing, listening, watching, Mercury is on duty. When we're in company Mercury is in overdrive. The same cannot be said of Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter - they are around, but dormant in some situations, their territory is more specific.

I think that a person's Mercury placement often plays a stronger part in how they are perceived than their Sun, Moon or even their ascendant. It's definitely my favourite planet.


Anonymous said...

I found you thru Big Sky Astro Blog.

I LOVE Mercury. How can I not w. Geminig rising, Virgo Sun, (Scorpio Moon). Mercury is in Libra in the 5th house.

As much as I also love Scorpio, I will be so glad when Mercury is in Sag. Things are starter to feel lighter already.

With so much MErcury influence in my chart my head races all the time.

I will stop by again. I love meeting new people. You never know who will be your next best friend!

Twilight said...

Hi Nancy

Thanks for dropping by. You must be VERY Mercurial with those placements. Nice to meet you!