Friday, March 14, 2008

Snides of March (a rant)

Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue, shriller than all the music,
Cry 'Caesar!' Speak; Caesar is turn'd to hear.
Beware the ides of March.

(from William Shakespeare's "Julius Ceasar" Act 1 Scene 2

Pardon the "press" pun, please. The ides of March isn't until tomorrow(15th), but watching Keith Olbermann's rant, aka "Special Comment" on TV, Wednesday evening, brought to mind "a tongue, shriller than all the music". His diatribe against Senator Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro struck me as being subliminally hysterical, in a Saturn in Virgo, po-faced fashion.

Keith Olbermann doesn't do typical everyday hysteria, his Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn deny him that, but replace it with a quieter, more insidious version. We share a birthday (27 January), different year. I'd have expected a little more cool Aquarian logic from the man than we are hearing these days. Perhaps he is simply satisfying his masters at MSNBC, but he certainly seems to delight in inflaming an already sensitive situation.

I'd have thought that people who wish to see unity and healing in this country would do all they could to foster it, not fan the flames to encourage the fever. Remarks by Geraldine Ferraro, made as part of a longer speech some weeks ago, need not have been resurrected, taken out of context and magnified - not if there were any intention or thought of healing divisions in this country.

This is deliberate trouble-making. I am fast coming to the conclusion that there really is no wish to heal. "Yes we can"? can't. Not without some radical changes in attitude.

Are we seeing a reflection, here on Earth, of the current celestial opposition of malefics: Mars/Pluto in cardinal Cancer/Capricorn?

Ms Ferraro's remarks may have been ill-considered, but they were hardly offensively racist, and nowhere near as offensive as Samantha Powers calling Hillary Clinton "a monster" a few days earlier. The ensuing outcry in the media has been far more shrill, in spite of Senator Clinton's apology and repudiation of Ms Ferraro's comments. Attacks against the Clinton campaign have now brought forth retaliation from some of her supporters in the form of videos. These involve one Reverend Wright, pastor of Senator Obama's church. They show the pastor, said to be Obama's mentor, making overtly racial pronouncements which are far beyond anything heard so far.

Vitriol brings forth even more vitriolic vitriol. An eye for an eye makes the.....well, we know what that makes.

Where will it end ? Perhaps with another Republican president in the USA.


Let's hope that as Mars moves out of range of opposition to Pluto things will calm down - sometime after the ides of March.


Wisewebwoman said...

I can't recall when I have ever been more disappointed in a newscaster of Keith's stature. He has bonder to the Hate Hillary Bandwagon with super-glue.
Where on earth is the detachment of journalists? I remember the days when they didn't give their personal spins. Reportage only.
And Ferraro's comments I found stupid but innocuous, where was the harm?
And why is Obama perceived as black anyway? The man's half-white.
And why is it so bloody important?

Anonymous said...

I shall only comment by refraining from comment.

Fact is, Olbermann is great when he says what people want to hear, but dreadful when he speaks in opposition. Personally, I'd rather he didn't speak at all. I'm not fond of his rants, though I admit to having used the occasional YouTube video on Sparrow Chat.

There, now - I commented after all!

Twilight said...

Hi blogging buddies, WWW and RJ:

I reckon Olbermann ought to have kept out of the division between Democrats and continued to rant against Bush and Co. But his ego got the better of him. He has assisted in ripping the scab off a nasty sore place now.

Maybe, as one of the astrologer-bloggers said, it (race) needs to be addressed before things can heal, because it has always been under the surface. I don't know. Picking a scab is usually a bad move.

Perhaps we three don't get the same feel about race as most in the US due to our own backgrounds.

I have a feeling that the sentiments expressed in those videos showing Rev. Wright will have repercussions far beyond expectations.