Monday, March 17, 2008

Journalese for the astro-climate

I approached the subject of journalists' trendy words and expressions in a post last month (A Handily Wonkish Rant). Since then several more buzz-filled words and expressions have tickled my fancy. I've Googled for true definitions. Leaving it to assumption or guesswork can lead to long-term misunderstanding, and embarrassing egg-on-the-face moments in friendly conversation.

My own Mercury in Capricorn reflects a somewhat strait-laced approach to words and language in general. Current planetary transits show Mercury presently residing in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) representing dreams, imagination illusion, delusion. Mercury, at present, is just opposite Saturn in Virgo, indicating a see-saw effect between dreamy imagination and stone-cold nitpicking reality. So, does my latest bundle of journalese fit today's astrological climate ?

"Thrown under the bus": ~~Made a scapegoat, put out of favor

"Playbook": [In political context]~~ Plan of action, scheme or set of strategies. Modus operandi

"Swiftboated": ~~ Made subject of a smear campaign, or character assassination

"Okey-doke": [slang]~~ As well as being an extension of "okay" it also means a con-trick or swindle, a deception, someone who has been tricked/swindled/deceived.

These words and expressions are being flung around freely in reports of the US presidential primaries. They do fit the current astrological configuration. Either exactly or loosely, all have a tinge of underhandedness, trickery or deception about them. We should remember that Mercury is also represented traditionally as a trickster as well as a communicator, so when this fast-moving planet is found in Pisces, perhaps that particular side of its nature can more easily be detected.

When Mercury moves on into Aries, I'll watch for a new crop of journalese.

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