Monday, March 24, 2008

New Clothes

The people of the USA will, later this year, decide into whose safe keeping they will entrust the country, and possibly the world, for the next four years. Will it be a Sun Leo, Sun Scorpio or Sun Virgo?

In basic Sun sign terms, I guess the Scorpion could sting both Virgin and Lion to death, but that's not the whole story. In reality all three contenders have a dangerous side, and wear the non-existent clothes of tempting promises. It's all in the wonderful but often dirty game of politics, so it's wise to remember that we ought never to get too many stars in our eyes.

I'm leaving this homemade video compilation here, while we head off tomorrow morning to New Mexico for a few days, as a cure for cabin fever and a late celebration of my husband's birthday.

'Bye for now!

As the lyrics say, in a different context, but still apt enough here:

"We refused to admit that we wore this disguise
Every inch of us growing
Like Pinocchio's nose
As we walked around in the emperor's new clothes

We flew by our wits and by the seat of our pants
In the state of illusion
In the nation of chance"

(It's as non-partison as I could manage.)


Wisewebwoman said...

Great video, T and I love Elton....
great to see him doing a benefit for HRC.
Have a wonderful break, renewal and re-gathering.
I will miss you!

R J Adams said...

Another great 'Twilight Productions'. Enjoy your break. Say hello to Bill Richardson. (Oh, I forgot, he's just endorsed Obama, so you may not want to). ;-)

Twilight said...

Thank you WWW, and RJ!

I always saw Bill R. as a bit of a non-event in the early debates RJ.
He certainly got himself a lot of air time this weekend. Crafty!

Au revoir both.

Michelle said...

Purely on astrology...

Having met a surprisingly large amount of charming double-talking Virgos in my life... I'd vote for a Leo or Scorpio. I love Virgos, but the ones I've known were not reliable. Delightful to talk to, charming and intelligent, yes, but not the types I'd hand my country over to!

I'd rather have a Leo woman than a Leo man, since the males can get excessively aware of their own selves. And I'd rather have a Scorpio man than a Scorpio woman - given that five of my all time favourite family/friend males are Scorps.

Of course then there's the whole fixed sign versus mutable. Do we go for a leader who can compromise and communicate or a leader who can stand firm against the masses?

Mmmm.... tricky! :-\ On that alone I might go with the Virgo after all.

Twilight said...

Mornin' Michelle!

Interesting assessment. :-)

Purely by Sun sign, for President in the current climate I'll go for a Scorpio - to get things done without a lot of preening ;-). As for compromise - well, it depends on who and what the compromise. Compromise sounds good, but in reality it can produce one step forward and two steps back.