Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Morning Exercise #2 : "Dubya & the Universal Astrologer"

I hadn't meant to post this today. As I played around with it yesterday I felt very pessimistic about Senator Clinton's chances in last night's primaries, but we saw what a real fighter can do. Well done Senator Clinton! Somehow I feel like posting this now!

My attempt at another writing exercise from Wake Up Writing , with a hint of astrology included. All the words in the list for this exercise start with W (in this part of the USA pronounced "dubya", and used as a nickname for you know who, so how could I resist?)

Using each of the following words - in any order - create a piece of fiction or non-fiction. Can you use all of the words?

(Specified words are highlighted bold)
Dubya approached the Gates of Heaven with a spring in his step, wry smile on his face. Happy to be free at last of the wreck his country had become under his watch. Shining gates now lay straight ahead. The gatekeeper beckoned to him to hurry along. Dubya felt for his wallet - stuffed with high value bills, fat enough to buy his way into anywhere, or so he thought.

The gatekeeper ushered Dubya into an area just inside the gates and pointed to a nearby doorway, indicating that he should enter. The door opened without pressure . A willowy figure, seated at a long silver table raised her head from a chart which lay there. "Please be seated. We must review your life sir."

"Who are you?" Dubya asked, feeling less confident now.

"I am The Universal Astrologer".

"Astrology - nothing but witchcraft!" Dubya sneered.

The figure turned her gaze directly to meet Dubya's eyes. "All things will soon be made clear".

She continued to study the chart. Two assistants now entered the room carrying between them a silver container filled with what appeared to Dubya to be water. They placed it before him.

The Universal Astrologer began to speak, her voice smooth, emotionless.

As Dubya listened, whimsical thoughts tumbled through his mind -
"What's all this crap? I must have wandered into fairyland instead of Heaven."

The narration continued, Dubya now recognised, in the words of the Universal Astrologer, the history of his life on Earth.

"Now, please look down into the liquid", she ordered.

Dubya looked, and saw reflected in the silvery surface scenes from his life, proceeding in slow succession from childhood to his wayward youth, on, and his last days.

"You writhe in discomfort" said the Universal Astrologer, noting that Dubya's countenance had changed.

"Do you see how wicked was your life on Earth?"

"I do", shivering now.

"Your next incarnation will serve to pay recompense. I have drawn up a natal chart which will provide you with challenge such as the Earth has not yet seen. You have the option to meet the challenge, or sink into the depths of Hades, never to return here. Go now. Your task will be to rescue your world, prevent the seeds of chaos you left behind from blooming into total catastrophe".

Dubya found himself back, momentarily, outside the shining gates, then, in the next instant, a female child was born to an exhausted mother.


Wisewebwoman said...

I've read your last two pieces, T., and have difficulty in accepting that these techniques would help a writer in any way? Far too limiting, IMHO. I believe we need to find our own words, our own thoughts, our own imagination and then truly find our own writing voice.
Have you tried morning pages, i.e. writing 3 pages of whatever comes out of your head?
I hope you don't mind my 2cents!!

Twilight said...

No, WWW - of course I don't mind - I welcome your thoughts.

I had come to the conclusion that these word-weaving exercises are more like a word puzzle than a helpful writing exercise, but they still stretch the old grey matter.

I've used them more as a distraction, and a change from my usual posts than a serious attempt to write fiction. I'm pretty sure that I'm not cut out for fiction writing.

I doubt I could write three pages without prompts, WWW. Perhaps
I'll try it one day when I'm feeling brave. :-)

Wisewebwoman said...

It's more like private stream of consciousness stuff, not meant to be shared but like an ignition system in a car :>)

Twilight said...

Oh - I see!

It would be well worth trying, even, as a basis for ideas on what to blog about. I do something similar in my head, but much of it
gets forgotten. Writing it down would anchor it and perhaps throw up a lot more material.

Thank you for the hint. :-)

R J Adams said...

Can I write a story using all the words? No, I can't. I'm much too depressed over Clinton's petty triumphs to consider such nonsense!

Just kidding! I like word puzzles, but sadly time is not on my side right now. I may come back to it, though.

I enjoyed yours - even more if you'd made him a little black girl, born to an HIV positive mother in Darfur!

R J Adams said...

This reminds me of the grade school class asked to each write a short story. The best stories, said the teacher, contain a touch of deity, a little aristocracy, an essence of sexuality, and an air of mystery. All the class began scribbling, with the exception of little Billy in the front row who wrote briefly and put down his pen.

"Billy!" exclaimed the teacher, "why have you stopped writing?"

"Finished, Miss," Billy replied.

"So quickly! Stand up and read out what you've written."

Billy rose to his feet, cleared his throat, and proclaimed:

"Good God!" said the Duchess, "I'm pregnant. Who done it?"

Twilight said...

ROFLMAO, RJ (or letters to that effect)!

I like your alternative ending.
That'll come in handy for his next incarnation - I'll inform the Universal Astrologer. :-)