Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Church, State, Astrology

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign said to be connected with religion, politics and philosophy. It's more than a little unfortunate that religion and politics couldn't have been clearly separated by ancient astrologers who set the "rules". I guess in those days things were different.

"The Church", as an institution, is ruled by Capricorn. Laws, a large part of politics, are represented by Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. I suppose the mental or philosophical aspect of religion and politics could be said to be somewhat connected, but I still wish there had been a clearer separation.

As we're seeing in recent news stories, religion and politics in real life are poor bedfellows. Many countries, the USA included, have ruled that there should be clear separation between church and state.

AUTHOR: John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917–63) QUOTATION: "I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute"

What happened?

In the last few days we've been treated to sight of videos showing Reverend Jeremiah Wright speaking out, in church, against Hillary Clinton. Irrespective of his views as to whether the USA is entitled to his God's blessing or damnation, and his obvious hatred for the white race, his remarks appertaining to politics were, in my view definitely out of bounds.

These are two examples:
"Hillary Clinton ain't never been called "nigger"", he yelled at his congregation. His remarks about the Clintons having "done" black people as Bill "did" Monica Lewinsky - the Reverend swinging his hips in imitation of the sexual act (forgive me for not quoting exactly but I cannot bring myself to watch the hate-filled videos again.)

What place did those remarks have in church?

I do not single out Reverend Wright for criticism. There have been many other, and many white ministers in the USA and elsewhere who are equally culpable. Some are known to have spoken out against gays and abortion, and have tried to encourage their congregation to vote in a particular direction. None of this should have any place in churches.

Politics should be all about the efficient running of a country. Religion, or indeed lack of it, has no place whatsoever in politics.

In at least one of the political debates shown on TV this US primary season the candidates were quizzed about their faith. Why? Surely this is purely personal. Their professional abilities and records are all that should concern the public, in my not very humble (on this topic) opinion.

Please, can some erudite astrologer separate religion and politics in the zodiac, and drag these matters into the 21st century?


Wisewebwoman said...

I so agree with you, T. It has gotten completely out of hand. An atheist wouldn't stand a chance in the polls.
All have to worship at the ephemeral feet of the Invisible Cosmic Housekeeper.
Oh dear.
And wait for the Rapture.

Twilight said...

Glad tyou agree WWW! :-)

It's all quite alien to me - this is what makes me really feel like a foreigner here, in spite of a common (almost) language.