Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Glass Houses

Another scandal (yawn) hit the headlines this week. New York's Governor Spitzer, allegedly hoist with his own petard, with potential to be brought down by the same kind of investigation he pioneered as a prosecutor. At least this new source of gossip deflected some attention from the popular pastime of Clinton-bashing. Those obsessed with the C-bash however have even sought to make tenuous Clinton links to the current scandal, in case the name might pick up an extra layer of dirty dust in the storm.

Scandal. What did esteemed astrologer C.E.O. Carter have to say on the subject in his "Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology"?

Hmmmm "Scandal ...see Slander". Okay. Different aspects of the same thing, but astrologically perhaps from similar sources.

Liability to slanderous attacks is generally shown by malefics in or afflicting the 10th house, especially an afflicted Mercury, Mars or Neptune therein. The house from which the afflictions come, or which is ruled by the afflicting planet, shows the direction of the attack.

Love of scandal, slander, and backbiting is a fault connected with Moon-Mercury afflictions, while, if Mars be involved, the trait will be more pronounced and acute. Domestic gossip is largely a result of Moon or Cancer afflictions, but the Moon will not by itself give malice or ill-nature. The most treacherous attacks will result from Neptunian or Scorpionic aspects."

Applying that theory, not to Governor Spitzer, for he is author of his own undoing, but to the American public - a sizeable proportion must carry the chart afflictions mentioned by C.E.O. Carter in the second paragraph , so enraptured are they by tales of scandal in high places.

Applying the first paragraph of Mr. Carter's theory - liability to slanderous attacks, Senator Hillary Clinton's is a good natal chart to investigate. She has been attacked mercilessly during past months by her opponents' obsessed supporters. Let's see then. (Chart available here)

If Senator Clinton's birth time were, as is widely supposed, around 8.02 am, then the 10th house is empty. Saturn 21*, Pluto 14* and Mars 14* in Leo (three planets traditionally labelled malefics) all lie in 9th house. 9th house represents, among other things publicity and politics. Mercury, right on the ascendant is at 21 Scorpio exactly square Saturn. Symbolically, critical Saturn is challenging Scorpio Mercury in the area of self, and the other two Leo planets which are conjoined at 14degrees, are also within challenging distance (7 degrees). These aspects could also be ammunition for the anti-Clinton brigade to say that Senator Clinton has tendency to cause problems via her Scorpio Mercury. However, according to C.E.O. Carter "the house from which the afflictions come show the direction of the attack." The three malefics, surely together stronger than Mercury, are in the house of politics directed to the house of self. There's a definite source of problems there, and it seem likely that trouble could move in both directions, according to circumstance and transits.

"There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it hardly becomes any one of us to talk about the rest of us." (Anon.)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I appreciate some relief from the constant Clinton-bashing that is so prevalent in the blogosphere. Your level head is injecting some much needed sensibility into this entire election. Keep up the good work!

Twilight said...

Hello Midara.

Thanks for your comment, it's much appreciated.

My level head is not always as level as it may appear here - I can frequently be found cursing the TV or Huffington Post, or any number of other irritants! :-)