Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pluto's abscess

Yesterday I had decided that it was unfortunate for events to have brought into focus again some video recordings of sermons of Rev Jeremiah Wright. He is the pastor of Senator Obama's church. After further investigation I've come to the conclusion that it may, in fact, be fortunate that these matters have resurfaced.

Pluto is presently in the first degree of Capricorn. Capricorn represents institutions such as "the church". My favourite description of Pluto influence describes it as being like an abscess, bringing infection and nasty stuff to the surface, so that healing can follow, allowing clean healthy skin to form again.

There is certainly some nasty infection in the sermons of the Rev. Wright. He openly incites hatred. He is supposed to be a man of God. That being as it may, more shocking to me, much more shocking is the fact that a man with ambitions to be President of the United States would call such a preacher his friend and mentor. Senator Obama has attended his church for 20 years, Rev. Wright married Obama and his wife, baptized their children. The senator openly admits to his close association with this man.

I am not convinced by Senator Obama's words in repudiation of the Reverend's angry diatribes. When you analyse things, nothing adds up. Even if they did add up, this goes to the issue of the Senator's judgement.

I've looked at the Rev Wright's natal chart (22 September 1941, Philadelphia PA) and compared it with Senator Obama's. I felt sure that there had to be some connection to account for the closeness between these men.

Sure enough. Senator Obama's Moon at 00 Gemini is in the same degree as Wright's Uranus and a degree away from his Saturn at 28 Taurus. Obama's Venus at 8 Scorpio Wright's Neptune at 8 Scorpio.
Obama's Mars at 22 Virgo, Wright's North Node at 22 Virgo.

I'm not sufficiently well-versed to interpret synastry between the charts, but the fact that they share some degrees of the same sign means quite a lot in my book.

It's better for these matters to be aired now than later, I guess. Could this be the beginning of the end for the Senator from Illinois?


R J Adams said...

I think my own short post on this subject conveys my opinion of Wright's words. I've watched all the available videos on the net, was totally sickened by the sycophantic hypocrisy of the "Morning Joe" bunch - and, of course, Hannity - and reached the conclusion that putting aside the "hellfire and brimstone" emotion displayed by Wright, he said little that could be condemned as blatantly untrue. Terrorism is bred by hatred of oppressors. Nowhere was this more obvious than in Northern Ireland. Bin Laden himself admitted the 9/11 attacks were in retaliation for American military boots stamping all over Mecca. Let's be honest, we've seen how the American military conducts itself in foreign countries. If nowhere else, Iraq has broadcast the truth of that. America is not the innocent party the US media loves to portray it as. It took over from Britain as the greatest empire builder and militarist nation of the twentieth century.
This man spoke the truth, but white America won't condone black clerics speaking their minds on such a subject. As for "freedom of speech", how it can be turned against one, by those in the media and politics with an axe to grind.

Twilight said...


As I've commented on your blog, some of what this man says may be based in truth, much isn't. also, much is ancient history for which current population is NOT responsible and have fought against mightily, and still do. And much is downright offensive to a civilised person.

This man is pitting black against white - no more no less. I thought things had moved on.

Where is tolerance and forgiveness? Where is the message of Jesus Christ?

This reminds me of those Mullahs in Britain inciting hate against white Brits. among their congregation.

Wisewebwoman said...

Gosh T:
I'm getting so tired of this black/white thing, aren't you?
And why in the name of all that is holy is Obama not embracing his WHITENESS? His (at least) 50% of heritage, if all about him are spouting the race card?
It is so tiresome.....and should never be important in this day and age.

Twilight said...

Yes, I'm tired if it, WWW!
It harms the progress that's been fought for and made by honorable men and women.

It's deliberate hateful trouble-making, and I despise it.

Out the Comet's Ass said...

I hate it too. It seems that we might have 4 years of Watts riots if that Minister's behavior is considered ok. Obama's past family wasn't even been part of the slavery or segregation. His Father came over here just to get an education and then left and his Mother was White. Obama went to private schools all along!! He's been benefiting probably what should have gone to someone who grew up in the projects.

On the other hand I think that the U.S. should make reparations to the African American descendants of the Slaves in order to try to heal some wounds. I don't know how to do this, but I know that the Japanese were given reparations for what they went through in WWII. Probably not a big enough amount but a step in making amends.

Anyway, my two cents.

Twilight said...


Thanks for your views, I agree.
For all Obama's talk of unity, all he's doing is widening the division between balck and white.
It's a division which was not nearly so apparent as many would think. Here in this red state of Oklahoma, we have a black mayor, a good one, who we enthusiastically support. Black and white get along fine in most areas. As do Native Americans with the rest of the population hereabouts.

Much of the hysteria is unwarranted, but that wouldn't help Obama who seems to want to bring it all to the fore again, in spite of his words, to further his political aims.

Reparations, I don't know so can't give an opinion. It would be a veritable can of worms deciding who is entitled and who is not, so long after events.