Saturday, March 08, 2008

An Al-luring Suggestion

The primary election process here in the USA shambles along to the few remaining states waiting to vote for a Democratic party nominee. The whole process is looking ever more bizarre. I've read two or three articles by political journalists this week theorising that Al Gore might be dragged, reluctantly, into the fray.

They say it looks likely that Senators Clinton and Obama could eventually be so closely tied that it would fall to party elders at the Convention in August to confirm the nominee. They suggest that rather than alienate around half of all Democrats, endangering the party's chances in the General Election, an alternative plan could be to draft Al Gore as democratic nominee, theoretically uniting the party.

Bizarre !

Eight Democratic candidates set out long ago to fight for the US presidency. By process of elimination, led largely by the mainstream media, two remaining candidates were left to battle it out. In the process multi-millions of dollars have been collected and spent, thousands of hours of effort put in by the candidates and their teams, thousands of miles of travel, billions of words, written and spoken. All could be cancelled out, simply because the country's Democrats are almost equally divided in their preference of nominee. Each camp of supporters is so entrenched and bloody-minded that many of their number would prefer to see their party sink rather than vote for the nominee they didn't support. Another four years of Republican rule would likely be the outcome. Nice!

Al Gore. He was my first great hope, way back before this madness began, before Kucinich, before Edwards and long before Clinton and Obama. He chose not to put himself forward as a candidate, despite his legion of fans begging him to do so. Why then should he be a better choice than either of the very capable candidates who have worked their socks off trying to persuade Americans of their capabilities?


That being as it may, I've looked at Al Gore's natal chart, and how the planets will be lining up between 25 and 28 August 2008 in Denver - the time of the Democratic Convention. I see nothing significant, other than transiting Pluto conjoining Mr. Gore's natal Jupiter, that has been so for many months, probably signifying his Nobel Prize, his Oscar, and business successes. Looking ahead a few years though, when Uranus, planet of change, has moved into Aries, and has reached Mr. Gore's natal Sun (10* Aries) in 2013, maybe..... maybe he will then be president, after the 2012 election. Here's food for the imagination! What might lead to that eventuality?


R J Adams said...

Well, possibly Barack Obama wins the presidency in 2008 with Hillary Clinton as his running mate. After a couple of years they're discovered in a sordid affair by Bill, who shoots them both dead. With neither prez nor vice, Nancy Pelosi takes on the job but has a nervous breakdown after three weeks. Al Gore steps into the breach and saves us all from certain death by global warming, thus earning the rapture of the nation who re-elect him in 2012.

(OK, so it's just a theory!)

Wisewebwoman said...

I wouldn't toss that word "rapture" around too loosely there, RJA!
But I absolutely love the never a dull moment scenario you so skillfully laid out!
As to the draft of Al, T, can't really see it happen. Too bizarre as you say!!

Twilight said...

RJ - You have the outline for a great TV mini-series there ! LOL!

I have the cast sorted for you -
HRC - Helen Mirren, Obama - Denzel Washington, Bill Clinton - Sam Elliott (gotta have Sam in there somewhere). Nancy Pelosi - Meryl Streep (sp?) Can't wait for episode 1. :-)

WWW - I can't see it happening either, not if things go along much as at present with nothing unexpected intervening. If we do have a Prez Gore in 2013 though, it could mean whoever wins this time didn't do a job good enough to get them re-elected.