Monday, January 21, 2008

May as well try to rope the Moon.....

I read recently about a virus prevalent in Britain which causes "projectile vomiting", well HWK and I have a variation of this - "projectile whingeing". It was brought on by being summoned to travel again to Oklahoma City, in potentially wintry weather, for USCIS to re-take my fingerprints. This is in connection with my application for citizenship. I had fingerprints taken already, on 17 December, but it appears the FBI couldn't read them satisfactorily, so I am to report at 9am, 22nd January for a re-take. They must already have at least three other sets on file from previous visa processes. Sigh.

22 January is the date of Full Moon in Leo, it's a few degrees away from opposing my natal Sun. Mars is still retrograde, Mercury is about to turn retrograde close to my natal Sun. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that things are not progressing smoothly.

Putting whingeing on hold for a moment, trying to be optimistic, I might consider this Full Moon to represent a culmination of the delays I've been experiencing since July, in connection with my citizenship application. From here on, perhaps all will be plain sailing.

I'll be back in blogland on Wednesday, all being well.


Anonymous said...

"Ah, yes, I remember it well....."

I hope it is the culmination of all your delays. If so, it will not be due to any sudden lack of inefficiency by the USCIS. But then, they're dealing with "aliens". Why should they put themselves out?

Just call me "Mr Bitter".

anthonynorth said...

Hi Twilight,
Thought it about time I paid a long overdue visit. I can't blame projectile vomiting for the delay, but it is a problem here in the UK at the moment. It's been getting worse during the winter over the last couple of years.
The fact that you have to have your fingerprints taken wouldn't go down well in the UK. There's a heated debate at the moment concerning the DNA database the police are trying to build with everyone on it. Seems like an infringement of civil liberties to many of us.

Twilight said...

Yes, we both have the scars! LOL!
I used to feel bitter too, still do if I think about it for too long. Stiff upper lips come in handy at times don't they?

Hello AN,
Well, when one wishes to become a (legal) immigrant to the USA the situation is akin to a woman visiting a hospital's gynaecology department - all dignity, privacy and confidentiality gradually evaporate. USCIS now know more about me than anyone on this planet.

Ah, the joys of a legal immigrant to the USA!!

anyjazz said...

Good post. If you wonder how much things will change in the next year, just look back a year.

Twilight said...

Hmmmmm - well, you're beginning to sound like my favourite astrologer!

Maybe this time next year I'll be a citizen - maybe not. With USCIS in charge, it's a crap shoot !