Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Hard to be Humble" birthdays.

Happy Birthday(Sunday 27th), to Keith Olbermann, American news anchor and political commentator; US Chief Justice John Roberts; British medium, Derek Acorah; billionaire Mohamed al Fayed (father of ill-fated Dodi, companion of Princess Di when they both died).
Also.... to little ol' me!

A very mixed bag. I could also add a few more, who have gone before, such as Lewis Carroll, Jerome Kern, and Mozart. Concentrating on the living, though - a few interesting tidbits:

Billionaire Mohamed al Fayed has his Aquarian Sun closely conjunct Saturn. Mercury and Venus are in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries. Aquarius' modern ruler fires his Sun, and Aquarius' traditional ruler drives his business skills, which must be considerable. Two other personal planets in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn)connect to his talent for business and making money. (Born 27 Jan. 1933, Alexandria, Egypt)

US Chief Justice John Roberts has Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, with Aquarius' modern ruler Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Cancer. Jupiter is traditionally connected with law, and government. Incidentally, with his natal Moon almost certainly in Pisces, Sun in humanitarian Aquarius, and that conjunction in sensitive Cancer , I'd say Chief Justice Roberts is a compassionate man, it's good to see such a person occupying that lofty position.(27 Jan. 1955, Buffalo, New York)

Derek Acorah, a well-known British medium, isn't well-known to me, but I have read a little about him. He has Sun Jupiter/Venus in Aquarius, Uranus in Cancer. I'm not sure where to look for any psychic ability, but I notice that mystical Neptune, in Libra, trines the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. Saturn in Virgo trines Mercury in Capricorn - a very down to earth combination. Perhaps Neptune lies close to one of the angles, but without time of birth it's not possible to know that.(27 January1950, Liverpool UK)

Keith Olbermann's chart was featured in an earlier blog post HERE.

I'm the odd one out - I have only Sun in Aquarius, the four named individuals have at least one additional planet there.

Oh!.......... I forgot my (almost) astrological twin, Brugh Joy MD. (See here)

In common with Chief Justice Roberts (though very loosely), I worked for the government (UK) in a department which dealt with aspects of the law (I have natal Jupiter close to midheaven). In common with Mr Acorah and Brugh Joy I'm interested (though not talented) in psychic and mystical subjects ( Neptune trine Mercury). The only thing I have in common with Keith Olbermann is Mercury in Capricorn - and a lively interest in politics. With regard to Mohamed al Fayed, again Mercury in Capricorn in common, but, it's interesting, as our birthdays are on the same day, that his son, Dodi died exactly two weeks after my mother died in August 1997, while Uranus retrograded within 2 degrees of our natal Suns.


Barbara Palliser said...

Hope you have a great birthday! What with Pluto into Cap this weekend and the upcoming eclipse in Aquarius, looks like you are in for an interesting year :-) All the best to you xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Twilight! You're certainly in some mixed company. Great video.
We recently celebrated my own dear wife's birthday on January 23rd.

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns of the day!
Turn up your speakers and go here:

Twilight said...

Barbara - Hi! Thank you for your good wishes. Yes, we shall see just HOW interesting! I haven't had what I'd call a boring year for a long, long time - probably back in the 1980s.

RJ Many thanks. Aha! You have close link to an Aquarian Sun - you must have good taste! ;-)
(and a strong constitution?)
Now I'm wondering about your birthday.

kaleymorris< Thank you! A fun video!

I had a very nice birthday - we tripped over to Wichita Falls, stayed Saturday night... a couple of nice meals, a little shopping and took in a movie ("Atonement" - good film).

Medium Laura Evans said...

Would you happen to have a copy of Derek's chart. My son is a 1/27 birthday and I'm just starting to learn astrology. I'd love to see a comparison with the 2. My son shows signs of our "inherited" psychic ability and some of my mediumship.

Thanks ! Medium Laura Evans

Twilight said...

Medium Laura Evans ~~ I'll send one to your e-mail address. No time of birth is available though, so it'll be set for 12 noon. Exact Moon degree and rising sign will not be accurate. :-)

Hope your son has a lovely day tomorrow - Many Happy Returns to him!