Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hopes that didn't float

One year ago I was writing about my hope that Al Gore would run in the presidential election, and looking eagerly for signs in his astrology. ("Al Gore, his transits, our chance?") That hope sank, gradually, and without trace. I was bitterly disappointed in my hero, in spite of opinions that "he can do more for the environment outside of politics".

As hopes of Gore's entry into the presidential race faded, I pinned hope on Dennis Kucinich gaining popular support. I've written several blog entries about him and his astrology (linked via the Label Cloud in the sidebar). His policies are truly what the nation needs, many can see this, but few have had the confidence to give him their support. Another hope sinking fast. He is now routinely excluded from debate in spite of fighting against his exclusion.

My third hope, John Edwards, has a reasonable level of support from the people, but little or none from the mainstream media, whose bosses, the corporations, fear his policies. There's still time for his campaign to gain strength, time for the people of the USA to see the light, to see past what they are being force fed by the media. If change is what they truly crave, then I believe Edwards is the best one to bring it about. Others may speak of it, they may have good intentions, but I doubt they'd fight as hard and fearlessly for it as I believe Edwards would.

If my third hope fails to float, wishes must once again be modified, and I'll be prepared to hope that whichever of the three current "front-runner" Democrat candidates wins the nomination, also wins the presidential election in November. Any one of them would be an enormous improvement on what the USA has had for the past seven years.

"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope."
(Martin Luther King Jr.)

My last political hope, albeit a forlorn one, is that I'll achieve citizenship in time to register and vote in the November election. Senator Schumer's plan for speeding up the processing of applications by re-appointing retirees to assist (mentioned here) has been approved. There's an outside chance that my last hope may float.

In my re-located chart, the 11th house of hopes and wishes is occupied by Mercury in Capricorn - and it's beginning to look as though writing (Mercury) about them may be the best outcome I can expect !

"Come what may, I am bound to think that all things are ordered for the best; though when the good is a furlong off, and we with our beetle eyes can only see three inches, it takes some confidence in general principles to pull us through".(Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)


Sandor Nagy said...

I share many of your same hopes and glad you wrote on this topic today. Had wondered if mid-Dec we would get a suprise (Sagittarian impulsiveness) announcement, when he was 'on fire' and in the spotlight with his Nobel speech. Thank you for sharing your wisdom through's hoping for some hope!

Twilight said...

Yes, indeed djs. We shall hope!

Many thanks for your visit, and comment. :-)

Anonymous said...

Keep on hoping, Pollyanna.

Twilight said...

It's the only way, RJ! :-)