Friday, January 11, 2008

A Friend in the "Enemy Camp"

Yesterday evening I received a surprise follow-up comment to one of my posts from April 2007 : "Two on-line discussions on science and astrology"

"From Robert Tulip

I have continued presenting astrological ideas on the Bad Astronomy website.

A thread on Precessional Cosmology is at and a planet calendar is at

I hope you find these of some interest.

Best regards ."

The linked piece on precessional cosmology is interesting. I'd also recommend following the original link in my April post, Mr. Tulip showed such patience and forebearance with some skeptical colleagues on the forum at that time. I was impressed by the way he put his case so firmly and eloquently, in what could, sadly, be termed "the enemy camp".

One has to be a member of the Bad Astronomy forum to access the actual calendar mentioned in the second link, so I haven't highlighted it, but have taken the liberty of copying the brief accompanying post :

"The attached calendar is an easy guide to planetary positions over the next year. Some conjunctions are
• Mercury Neptune 21 Jan – 5 Feb
• Uranus Venus Mercury 31 March
• Neptune Lunar Node March-May
• Saturn Mars Moon 7 July
• Mercury Venus Mars Moon 2 September
• Jupiter Venus Moon 2 December
Good Friday is on the equinox 21 March, with a full moon on the Saturday making 23 March the earliest Easter in recent years. Sun Pluto Full Moon and Mars are near a Grand Square on 22 March, Neptune may (?) be occulted by an eclipsed full moon on 17 August, and Mars by the Moon on 8 June. Saturn Venus & Mercury are trine Jupiter & Moon 14 August."

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