Thursday, January 17, 2008

Signs signing off

After a few serious blogs this week, I'm ready for something lighter. An article "Modern Manners: How to end your E-mails" by Samara O-Shea, presented me with an idea. Her article begins:

"There's just something about the sign-off. The absence of an e-mail closing, even if it's from someone you know well, makes the message seem cold and abrupt. A thoughtful ending, however, whether it's polite and professional or a clever conclusion from a friend, can verify the tone of the e-mail and set the stage for future correspondence. Letitia Baldrige, the manners expert, told the New York Times that sign-offs are especially important because, "We need grace in our lives, and I'm not talking about heavenly grace. I'm talking about human grace. We should try and be warm and friendly.""

Mercury is the planet most involved in communication, so the sign in which it's found in our natal charts may indicate how we'd be most inclined to end e-mails to friends and/or lovers. A few thoughts off the top of my head:

Mercury in Aries: Yours in haste, catch you later,

Mercury in Taurus: With much love,

Mercury in Gemini: More chat soon, stay tuned,

Mercury in Cancer: Cuddles, kisses and lots of love,

Mercury in Leo: Signing off with a warm embrace,

Mercury in Virgo: Yours,

Mercury in Libra: Thinking of you with affection,

Mercury in Scorpio: Always be mine alone, as I am yours,

Mercury in Sagittarius: Huge warm hugs,

Mercury in Capricorn: Sending love,

Mercury in Aquarius: Love and peace,

Mercury in Pisces: Wrapping you in tender wishes.

Back in the days when HWK (the husband) and I used to correspond by e-mail, his usual way of signing off was (he has Mercury conjunct Saturn in Pisces) : "Yerbasicfred". Saturn has a lot to answer for!

Me? Natal Mercury in Capricorn: I use variations of a non-frilly yet informative ending, it's often "Sending love".


Anonymous said...

That's funny - I'm Sag in Mercury and I always sign off "hugs"

great blog, keep on blogging.

Twilight said...

Hi Anon - and thanks !

LOL! Glad I wasn't too far off mark - I added a little exaggeration because Sagittarius loves that. :-)