Saturday, January 12, 2008

For Election Watchers

Confused US Presidential election watchers, in the States and elsewhere, who are not completely clear about the way the system works, might be interested to read an excellent explanation, written by an astrologer, at the Skyscript forum. Here is the relevant thread. As the astrologer points out, without a clear understanding of this convoluted system, predicting becomes even more of a crap-shoot. The rest of the thread adds useful information, including links to charts for all US states.


mrslilypond said...

I have a question for you, since you I seem to share a few of the same astrological stuff ie: sun aquarius, mercury in capricorn.

Do email hoaxes and misinformation (the most recent one, Barack Obama is an evil muslim) make you scream .
I'm normally a pretty mellow person, but I always get upset at these emails (and myspace bulletins)and try to correct the misinformation by directing people to sites like Is it the Aquarius in me that wants the truth revealed and people to stop being freakin' sheep?

mrslilypond said...

Oh in case this isn't clear to others, I'm NOT referring to your post at all. I just got an fwd. an email from an aunt and cousin (whose an aqurius and should know better) about Obama being an evil muslim.

Twilight said...

Hi Mrs. L.

I recognise this trait, yes. Though I haven't received or seen any of the e-mails you describe, I experience a similar effect quite frequently when reading some on-line articles.

My reaction is either to leave a comment suggesting to other readers an article which offers a fairer assessment of the same situation. Alternatively, I'll leave a brief, dryly critical comment - in order to let off steam in as dignified a way as possible. ;-)

I'm not sure whether there is a connection with Aquarius or not, but it does seem likely.
In my own case I put it down to a combination of opinionated Sun Aquarius & a bit of fighting instinct from Mars Scorpio, both fixed signs with fixed opinions (but, and importantly, with good judgment!Or at least we Aquarians think so.):-)

mrslilypond said...

I may have to blame in on a mars in leo and uranus in scorpio.

Anonymous said...

The 'best' explanation to date, though even this one left me with a headache. Alice's Caucus Race was so much simpler!

Twilight said...

LOL! Yes, RJ, and considerably more sensible! :-)