Monday, January 07, 2008

Are we starting to feel Saturn in Virgo?

When Saturn moved from Leo to Virgo last September many words were written by astrologers explaining the significance of Saturn's new position. I like this concise summary by Molly Hall. She said:

"Work, routine, habits, health -- all these are the province of busybody Virgo. The pressure of having the Taskmaster here may make us more neurotic, hypochondriacal, fearful, etc. Thinking optimistically, Saturn in Virgo inspires healthy living, right livelihood and moderation."

Saturn is well settled into its new home now. Are we seeing any evidence of what astrologers expected? I think so.

Last week Elsa posted an article about the mayor of Oklahoma City calling for citizens to adjust to a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. Bill Maher, appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman last Thursday night, revealed that he had spent a lot of time during his recent spell off-screen reading and learning about healthy food regimes. Then there was the article published on several internet venues, "Why Not Give a Vegetarian Diet a Try for the New Year?"by Bruce Friedrich.

Has it affected me personally? Well, I bought a treadmill, started well using it every day, but have slipped back into laziness since just before Christmas when a nasty, long-lasting virus hit us both. I'll get back to it soon.

I'm not vegetarian in the true sense of the word, but I don't like meat. I'll eat it in meat sauce with pasta, and very occasionally to avoid discourtesy to a host or hostess. I couldn't live without cheese, eggs and dairy food though, so that excludes me from ever becoming vegan. Fortunately for me, HWK and I feel much the same about meat. He also needs to follow a strict low glycaemic diet, for health reasons. Our diet is reasonably healthy, I think we are already being Saturn-in-Virgo-d enough, either from taste or necessity. So, Mr. Saturn, you can move along, thank you very much!

As I typed, I kept thinking of this "vegetarian" painting, it's called "Vertumnus" (the ancient Roman god of vegetation and transformation). The portrait, made up entirely of plants and vegetables, was painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo in 1590/1. The link is to my post about Arcimboldo, from early blogging days. The artist aimed to depict, in guise of Vertumnus, Emperor Rudolph II, who ruled, from Prague, over what is now the Czech Republic.


Anonymous said...

Your picture! You're gorgeous! :-)
I want three of whatever you're havin', Twilight!

Twilight said..., thats Vertumnus, Elsa!

Seriously - thanks you're very sweet to say so.

3 Scotch and ginger coming up!