Monday, May 29, 2017

Music Monday ~ Remembering Mistral

I notice that actor Stacy Keach has a birthday coming up soon - born 2 June, 1941. Whenever I think of this actor one role amongst his many springs immediately to my mind, and it's not Mike Hammer (as shown left) but: Mistral from the 1980s TV mini series Mistral's Daughter, an adaptation of a novel by Judith Krantz. This doesn't seem to be one of the best-remembered mini-series generally, but it was one I particularly enjoyed. True, it is a bit chick-flicky, but it's good quality chick-flickiness with added depth. As I recall Mr Keach was required to wear a rusty-red wig in early scenes, it did his complexion no favours at all, but that didn't detract from the good story.

The mini-series' theme song was sung by Nana Mouscouri - remember her, lady of the horn-rimmed spectacles?

It's Music Monday so, here it is... Only Love

Happy birthday on 2nd June, Mr Keach!

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