Friday, May 26, 2017

Arty Farty Friday ~ John Baldessari

Link to examples of his work via Google Image.


Fairly unusual natal chart - for one who seems to be a fairly unusual type of guy!

If it were not for Chiron and Moon's Node being included, here, there'd be no "soft" or harmonious aspects between planets in his nativity. One might suppose, then, that the owner of such a chart would be a bit of a hard-head, a tad obtuse, and not likely to suffer fools.

The over-riding T-square shows up even more plainly in Astrodatabank's image of his chart - see HERE.

His planets, apart from Saturn, are grouped in one half of the zodiac circle, between Aries and Virgo - a chart pattern known as a "bucket" or "funnel". Saturn is the handle or funnel in Mr Baldessari's case. If the majority of planets' reflections are to be translated through Saturn, then, we'd expect to find a hard-edged character, not afraid of work, not particularly worried about "fitting in", with a keen eye to business. I don't know how well that describes this artist. From his photographs I don't sense that - I sense more of a "puckish" but kindly nature - and that would be typical of a Gemini/Cancer blend, which is, indeed, present in his chart.


anyjazz said...

Fun video. I don't think I ever encountered this artist before.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ Me neither. He's definitely a "one-off". :-)