Friday, May 05, 2017

Arty Farty Friday ~ Anthony Freda, Political Artist.

There's no astrology with this Arty Farty Friday's offering because the artist's birth date isn't known. There are few photographs of him online, but there's this video. He looks to be in his 30s, maybe.

Get Mad! with Anthony Freda:

"You gotta get mad!” Activist and artist Anthony Freda lays out an anti-propaganda to-do list including thinking for yourself, questioning the official narrative and refusing to roll over.

Good stuff!

There are other videos relating to this artist at YouTube too.

For some large illustrations of some of his political artwork see these websites:

The artist's own site:

I'm wary of adding any illustration to this post - don't want to be ceased and desisted! Do take a look through his work shown in those websites - very insightful, and pretty much up to date it is!

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