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MIRTHMAKERS ~ Gilda Radner & Tracey Ullman

Spotlighting female comedians today. I'm not using the term "comediennes" because to my mind the word adds a layer of uncalled for differentiation.

My husband was a great fan of "the old" Saturday Night Live. Nowadays it appears to have lost its early sparkle (and that's putting it kindly!) The late Gilda Radner was one of their brightest stars, I've seen most of her contributions to the show via DVD. Watching Gilda perform, I'm continually reminded of Tracey Ullman.

These two comedians were born some 13 years and 5,000 miles apart. It's possible that Tracy Ullman got her inspiration from watching Gilda Radner's performances. The ability to invent hilarious characters and play them with consistent brilliance and humour is the mainstay of both gals' acts.

Gilda Radner's regular characters included Rosanne Rosannadanna, Emily Litella, and Baba Wawa. Tracy Ullman slipped from one crazy character to another in her shows, characters such as Carmel Pinkum, a lady who's "different" , Nadia, the Russian trapeze artist, Dr. Jillian Smalls, radio psychologist, Kiki Howard-Smith, pro golfer from Australia, Ariel, a singer (her big hit was "Slit My Wrists").

Gilda Radner born 28 June 1946, Detroit, Michigan (12 noon chart below, as no time of birth available).

Tracy Ullman born 30 December 1959, Burnham, near Slough UK at 3:15 am.(Astrodatabank)

Any similarities ?

1. Both have Sun, Moon and Saturn within a 30* span.

2. Both have all planets within one half of the chart.

3. Both have Jupiter trine Uranus.

5. Radner has Mercury sextile Neptune, Ullman has Mercury trine Uranus.

6. Their Suns lie opposite each other within 2 degrees, in cardinal signs, Cancer/Capricorn.


Closely grouped planets, a pattern common to both charts indicates intense focus in certain areas. It's obvious that to achieve the kind of success these ladies enjoyed, focus and dedication was a necessity!

Jupiter trine Uranus - Jupiter expands things, Uranus likes the eccentric or unexpected. Both ladies created larger than life eccentric characters, aided and abetted by their Mercury placements harmonious with Uranus or Neptune.

I'm not sure what the Sun/Moon/Saturn within 30* in both charts reveals. It's a definite similarity though. Symbolically it might mean that heart and soul went into their work ? I don't know.

Tragically, Gilda Radner died from ovarian cancer in 1989.

On the day of her death, 20 May 1989, it is remarkable that Uranus, Neptune and Saturn at 4*, 12* and 13* Capricorn, (all retrograde) opposed her natal Sun at 6* Cancer.

And.....those three planets on the same day were conjunct Tracey's Sun/Saturn/Moon.
That is spooky!

(Edited version of a post first published here on 1 January 2007)

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