Friday, August 21, 2009


A few cartoons or funnies, linking mirthmaking to art.....kind of. The first two are home-grown:

#1: A photograph found by my husband, captioned by him and used on his blog "Thinks Happen" earlier this week. #2: A cartoon drawn by my husband, captions chosen by both of us. The rest are "borrowed", with thanks to the copyright owners (clearly marked), in the hope they will not chase me for infringement for use on this "not for profit" blog.

"Oh Fudge!"

"My bad!"

Finally, verses from a poem by one of my favourite humorists of the 20th century. It was written c.1948, but it's oddly apt for how I'm feeling, right now!

In far Tibet
There live a lama,
He got no poppa,
Got no momma,

He got no wife,
He got no chillun,
Got no use
For penecillun,

He got no soap,
He got no opera,
He don't know Geritol
From copra,

Got no opinions
He never hear
TV commercial,

He got no teeth,
He got no gums,
Don't eat no Spam,
Don't need no Tums.

He love to nick him
When he shave;
He also got
No hair to save.

He use no lotions
for allurance,
He got no car
And no insurance.

If you will mind
The box-tops, comma,
I think I'll go
And join that lama


anyjazz said...

You know that it has long been my firm belief that laughing out loud is the secret to long, healthy life. Have you ever heard a tiny baby laugh? Nothing sounds so healthy and full of life.

If you make it a practice to laugh every day, it is not long before you are looking for things to laugh at. It is not long before you find humor in almost everything. It is not long before you feel better about almost everything.

This is a good post. It made me think.

R J Adams said...

Just been catching up on your posts. We sneaked away for four days - back to Lake Superior. You'd managed to run off another dozen by the time I got round to blog checking again. Great reads, all of them.

Twilight said...

Anyjazz ~~~ Yes, your philosophy is a wise one Obi-wanyjazz! :-)

It's pretty difficult to find humor in some of the stuff going on out there right now, but "if we don't laugh, we'll cry", (as my old Grandmama used to say.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams~~~ Hi! Hmmm - bet that was a lovely treat!

Thanks for checking back & popping in. Yep, I've been hiding from the heat and allergens, workin' me fingers to the bone on this keyboard. ;-)

You've got me itching to plan our next trip now, heat must die down in a couple more weeks......where can we go next.......? :-)