Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Bull of Taurus & A Trip

Aries has almost run its allotted span for this time around. Taurus edges ever closer. Whereas The Ram seems a vaguely appropriate symbol for Aries, I often think that The Bull seems nowhere near as appropriate for Taurus. The zodiac sign Taurus is ruled by planet Venus - quite incompatible with bullishness I'd have thought.

Taurus is one of the three Earth signs, and is Fixed in quality, from whence the Taurus reputation for stubbornness arises, it's not alone in this though. Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo are all Fixed signs and also tend towards obstinacy.

Perhaps an image of a bull with its four feet planted immovably upon Mother Earth could be said to represent Fixed Earth well enough, but what of the musical and/or artistic talent Taurus also represents, a reflection of ruling planet Venus? A more Venusian symbol for Taurus would be nice - a flute, a mandolin or a flower, even.

For a rather wordy, but enlightening run-down on the characteristics of Taurus, one cannot do better than read the words of astrologer C.E.O. Carter. The article is vintage 1957, some of the references seem dated, but the heart of the piece remains very relevant, 52 years after it was written.

I may as well repeat my monthly reminder here: there really is no such creature as....."a Taurus". Neighbouring signs can colour Sun in Taurus traits, almost beyond recognition. Aries and Gemini characteristics may be prominent in a person with natal Sun in Taurus, courtesy of Mercury and/or Venus placements. These personal planets can never be more than one or two signs away from the Sun's position. Taurus modified by either or both Gemini and Aries becomes a very different animal from that staid, conservative, earthy, reliable, stubborn yet artistic or musical individual so often expected from reading about Taurus alone. The occasional person with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon and ascendant all in Taurus might display more stereotypical Taurean traits, but people of this type are few and far between.

Posted around this time last year, I gave a couple of real-life examples of the above, from my own life story - (link).

I won't be posting again on Learning Curve for several days. We're setting off tomorrow morn on a road trip, heading west. Jupiter, planet of travel (and luck) is sitting on my relocated ascendant just now - that's nice!

We'll follow the path of old Route 66, between Oklahoma City and a point somewhere east of Flagstaff, Arizona. The Painted Desert and Petrified Forest in eastern Arizona are our proposed destination - though knowing my navigation skills, we might finish up somewhere entirely different. Trips like this are always a great adventure, and a blank page waiting to be filled.

Maybe I'll post a few thoughts and photos from my own (new) camera on my other blog pages "THE REST OF IT", as we progress on the trip. That's a link for any passing reader who'd like to check. Normal service will be resumed on this blog in around a week's time. ~~~~~~~ Byeeeee!


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh have a lovely trip, T, I will certainly miss my daily check in on your assorted astro-aspects (Alliteration much?;^)).
I look forward to some pics.

anthonynorth said...

Enjoy your trip - and come back refreshed and ready to blog :-)