Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Paul Giamatti

We saw "Duplicity" at the weekend. Didn't like it - will not waste energy writing about it. The brightest spark in the movie, for me, was Paul Giamatti.

I first became aware of him, by name, when he played John Adams in the HBO TV series of the same name, last year. He was absolutely brilliant in the part. Once I'd connected the name to the face I remembered other movies in which we'd seen him playing character parts - "Lady in the Water", and "Cinderella Man" among them.

Paul was a guest on one of the late night shows recently. He displayed a delightful personality, so different from the characters he plays. In real life, he comes over as an easy-going, amiable and funny guy. He never stopped joking and laughing - so far from the weirdo, scum-bag, or deadly serious characters he's most often been selected to play on screen.

During that jolly late night interview I was reminded more than ever of a well-loved British comedian (now no longer with us): Eric Morecambe. Look!

Anyway, here's a rapid drive-by look at Paul Giamatti's natal chart (and a furtive glance at Eric Morecambe's - just because I can.)

Paul was born in New Haven Connecticut, 6 Jun 1967. No time of birth available, so a 12 noon chart has to suffice.

Sun in Gemini - here's his sociable, likeable and versatile side . Moon was in Taurus before 6pm, in Gemini if born later than that. Now, to me he doesn't look like a double Gemini - he's not wiry, lanky, slim-faced. His facial structure and stature is more Taurean - I'd go for a birth time before 6pm - but on appearance only. His ascendant sign remains unknown (but his round face whispers Cancer).

Sun is in close trine (harmonious aspect) to Mars - plenty of energy, self confidence and enthusiasm for life in and out of his chosen profession. Sun also sextiles (60*) Saturn, and Saturn trines Jupiter. Those are two more very helpful connections, and they link Saturn's stability and Jupiter's beneficence back to Paul's core self, the Sun. Mercury and Venus are both in sensitive, caring Cancer which adds a softer side to Paul's nature (I think this shows clearly in his face), and Jupiter, though in the early degrees of the next sign, is conjunct Venus, adding a further link to the chain already mentioned.

In a nutshell, I'd say that Paul Giamatti as well as being so clearly talented, is a very nice guy.

As for the late Eric Morecambe, he was born with Sun in Taurus and Moon probably in Gemini, so there could be a similarity in basic astro-makeup there. Also they both have a planet at 22 Scorpio and they both have planets at 8 or 10 Aries - which may mean nothing at all, but I found it interesting. Paul does very much remind me of Eric - when he's being himself. Moviemakers might also take note of this, if ever they make a bio-pic of the lives and careers of famous British comedy duo Morcambe and Wise.


Wisewebwoman said...

Extraordinary connection there, T and they do look so alike. Amazing.
I loved Paul in "Sideways", did you see it?

Twilight said...

You know - I thought I had seen "Sideways", WWW, but looking at the synopsis again, I'm not so sure. I'll watch for a DVD of it.
Himself says I should see American Splendor too - another for the list. Lots of catching up to do!

Laura B said...

I love Paul Giamatti as well. He was incredible in Sideways but then simply spectacular in John Adams. He should win an Oscar within the next 5 years.

anthonynorth said...

Ah, good old Eric. Now there was a funny man. There's a statue of him now. I think it's in Morecambe.

Twilight said...

Laura B ~~ Hi! Yes - he's Oscar-ready for sure. :-) He just needs the right part.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ Yes, I noticed pics of the statue in Google Image. Great comedian, still sadly missed in Britain, I feel certain.