Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Taureans

Aquarius and Taurus, Sun-sign-wise are not supposed to get on too well. Both are fixed signs, one Air the other Earth. Both have a decidedly stubborn streak, one attached to the material, the other to ideas. Experience has taught me that this lack of compatibility is a more nebulous proposition than some magazines would have us believe. Digging just beneath the astrological surface reveals much more to be considered.

Two of the closest and dearest relationships of my (Sun Aquarius) life were with Sun Taureans: my maternal grandmother, named May for the month of her birth, and Bill, my late partner of many, many years. One was born 19 May, the other 20th both in the last degrees of Taurus. Taurus wasn't the dominant sign in either case. Both had personal planets in the three signs closest to Taurus. May had a cluster in Cancer (my own rising sign) and a couple in Gemini - very compatible with my Aquarius Sun, as well as her husband's, my grandfather's Gemini Sun.

Grandma seated, mother standing.

My own Aquarius Sun's ruler is in Taurus, which probably reflects a slightly earthy tone to my astro makeup, and has helped account for the closeness I felt to these two. Bill also had two planets in Gemini and one in Aries - right on my Aries Moon! Little wonder we lasted so long! And both May and Bill had a wee dash of Scorpio in their charts, as do I.

I tell these brief details just in case someone who might read this is feeling wary of a relationship frowned upon in Sun sign terms. When I first met Bill, in 1970, he once wrote, in a letter to me: "I know you think we're not compatible because of our birthdays, but please don't send me away - give me a chance, wait and see. And I did. And I'm glad.

Yours truly, tanned to a darker shade of pale, on a plane back from the Canary Islands with Bill, circa 1980

Coincidentally (or not)I have another friend of many years whose birthday is on 19 May. Her father's birthday is on the same date as my own, 27 January, but he's much older.

There's another oddity worth a mention here. In Robert Camp's book "Love Cards" which is based on an ancient system involving the playing card deck, astrology and numerology, May 19 and May 20 are represented by King and Queen of Clubs respectively. 27 January, my birthday is also represented by King of Clubs. I've found the "Love Cards" book to be a reliable guide regarding relationships, but haven't the slightest clue as to how or why, given that neither year of birth, place of birth nor time of birth are factors.


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