Tuesday, April 28, 2009


If what I've read is correct, American Idol this week has a theme which pleases me no end: "standards made famous by members of the original Rat Pack".

Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta and Matt Giraud will take us on a nostalgic journey through what could be some of the best ballads ever written - or then again, their choices might turn out to be surprisingly inappropriate.

This is my own favourite genre - "the standard" sung, or swung, with either a jazzy swagger, or deeply felt wrenching emotion - especially as it was portrayed by my all-time greatest idol, Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior, other singing Rat Pack members, also have their own repertoire of great songs from which the contestants could choose.

It's interesting that we have three contestants with Sun in Taurus in the final five. (Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of music and the arts). I'm still rooting strongly for Adam and his quirky Aquarian styling - he is unique! Susan Boyle - eat your heart out!!

Let's see now - Adam Lambert, my favourite of the Idol Pack: early Aquarian with Moon in Aries (me too!) What would suit him this week, a slow moody ballad or a swingin' swaggerin' song? He has done a couple of slower, moody heart-wrenching songs in recent shows, it's probably time for something more up-tempo. I'd love to hear him sing "I'm a Fool To Want You" - he won't, it's another slow one. He could work up "Witchcraft" into something special with his own brand of pizzazz though - or "I Get a Kick Out of You", "I've got you Under My Skin" - all would bend to Adam's quirky styling. Or how about the ubiquitous "My Way" - very Aquarian! Or Sammy Davis's "I've Gotta Be Me"?

Danny Gokey: Sun in Taurus, Moon in either late Leo or early Virgo - my second favourite. He has the voice and attitude to do justice to almost any Sinatra song. I hope he chooses Sinatra. So many lovely songs : "It Was A Very Good Year", "September Song", "Laura", the list is endless for a singer like Danny.

Kris Allen, Gemini/Cancer cusp, is fairly light, middle-of-the road-ish, can sing well, though is not often breath-takingly good. He could manage either moody ballad or swaggering style: "Fly Me To The Moon", "Summer Wind", "Girl From Ipanema" - would all be good choices. Dean Martin's "Arriverderci Roma" would be something a bit different for him - though hardly a "standard" in the true sense.

Allison Iraheta, another Taurus Sun, but this Taurus has attitude! She reminds me of a young Janis Joplin. Difficult choice here - "Ain't that a Kick In the Head" springs immediately to mind - it was sung by all 3 of the Rat Pack, at different times I think; I like Sammy's version best. "Somethin' Stupid" might work for her, I guess, or even "My Way". I can't imagine Allison singing a ballad, but she could suprise us - she should, to display her versatility. What if she comes up with a really smoky version of "It's quarter to 3, noone in the place 'cept you and me....." (One For My Baby and One For The Road) - but that would hardly be suitable for her tender 16 years!

And so finally, to Matt Giraud, the third Taurus Sun, with Moon more than likely in Aquarius. He has already worn a hat, almost Sinatra-style, for his performances on several occasions. He's quite capable of doing a creditable version of any swinging song made famous by the Rat Pack Members: "Baby Won't you Please Come Home" (Dean Martin), Chicago (Sinatra), "I've Got To Be Me" (Davis), alternatively he's capable of something slower and moodier - "My Funny Valentine", "Drinking Again", "All My Tomorrows"......sigh!

I really don't care what they choose to sing - it's all good, and they're all good enough to do justice to some of the best songs ever written!

This, I shall enjoy!


What they sang, in this order, and my marks out of 10 (written down before the judges spoke)

1. Kris - The Way You Look Tonight - 7
2. Allison - Someone to Watch Over Me - 9
3. Matt - My Funny Valentine - 6
4. Danny - Come Rain or Come Shine - 8
5. Adam - Feeling Good - 10

Simon Cowell seems to be trying to get rid of Allison, for some peculiar reason, trying to direct viewers' votes. She was definitely second best after Adam tonight. Adam is simply amazing.!!

I thought the band was too loud over Danny's song - badly balanced, otherwise it might have sounded a lot better and worth 9.


anthonynorth said...

Oh, that original Rat Pack was marvellous. Talent in the raw. And the inevitable behaviour, of course ;-)

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ Yes - it was a matter of taking the rough with the smooth. The smooth was so smooth, and so good!