Friday, January 26, 2007

Al Gore in 'Rolling Stone'

My second blog entry in one day !!

I had a dream last night. I wouldn't have mentioned this but for two things which happened this morning.

My dream:

I walked past an empty car park and saw a figure waiting there. I recognised him as Al Gore!
He called out to me "Are they saying I'm a Democrat?"
I walked over to where he stood and said "Yes - well, you are, aren't you ?"
He replied "No. They are not interested enough in protecting the environment"
I said "So are you going to be an Independent then?"
"Yes, I am" he responded, and just then a little girl appeared across the car park. He lightly patted me on the back, said "Good bye now" and went to meet the child for whom he must have been waiting.
(It was a good dream, and its memory stayed with me very clearly, unlike most other dreams which I hardly ever recall.)

The first thing I saw on computer this morning was a comment from Velvet Blade of the excellent Astrology Talk blog - it related to my entry about Al Gore on 17 January.(I can't do that clever link via word thing ) The comment uplifted my spirits, as did Velvet Blade's own blog today, which I've mentioned in my earlier entry.

Then, a few minutes ago, I found an article currently appearing in 'Rolling Stone" called "Run Al, Run!" here

It's well worth reading, along with a long string of comments.

A dream coming true ? Not quite, but it was pointing in the right direction. I'm optimistic now!

Yes, "Run, Al.....Run!"


Velvet Blade said...

That link in word thing is easy. A little bit of html:

a href="xxxurlxxx">whatever words<

Just copy, paste, insert your stuff and off you go! To get this to print, I removed some of the code so this would publish. Put < infront of the tag and a forward slash plus a plus > behind it. (That's the letter a, not a plus symbol.)

Twilight said...

Thanks, VB - I shall try again!
I've tried to do it it several times before without success.
I shall persevere, using your advice.