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The Library of )(alexandria

Yesterday, while Googling for a piece of information I happened upon

It's the website of Dr. Dan Sewell Ward, "The Library of Halexandria". It contains pages and pages of fascinating information and ideas about the mystical, mysterious, hidden elements of life, history, religion, and other stuff, including astrology. There are sections on more down to earth subjects such as Discrimination, Common Sense, Education, etc. All is written in plain language spiced with humour. The Site Map is the best place to start and gives an indication of the scope of this amazing resource. Dr. Ward provides thousands of click-through links which can set you off on a long magical mystery tour, so that you forget what it was you were looking for in the first place!
The author is a scientist (see below) who does not try to discredit astrology, he takes the same stance as Sir Isaac Newton did when he was asked how in the world he could believe in astrology: "I have studied the subject, Sir. You haven't."
Dr. Ward is added to my list of Good Guy Scientists!

Here's an extract from what he has to say about astrology.

"When someone can explain the scientifically inexplicable geometrical correlation among the planets -- and not dismiss it as some quirk or nature -- then they can challenge the theory of astrology’s geometrical influence. (But of course, if they do the prerequisite, they will likely inadvertently find the means of verifying the truth and validity of astrology. It’s a Catch 22 for the skeptics and a "win-win" for astrologers! Such is the fate of truth. Sigh.)"...................................
"The more interesting question is why should a planet today making a 60 or a 90 degree angle with the location of a planet in a person’s chart mean very different effects?
Cells have what might be best described as teeny tiny, directional antenna on the cell walls, which are in a state of constant fluctuation while an embryo is still in the womb. At birth, and shortly thereafter (a matter of days), these antenna cease their fluctuating existence and lock into place. Thereafter, these antenna need only feel the impulse of the appropriate signal to notify the cell to contact the blueprints of its DNA and do its thing. The antenna are basically timing devices for the cell (or its descendants) to be active.

One theory is that the planets are all interconnected to the cells’ antenna via subtle electromagnetics. When a planet approaches the point in space where the electromagnetic field around it (on Earth, they include the Van Allen belts, for example) is able to trigger the directional antenna of the cells, the cell checks its DNA blueprints, and physically affects the human host.

How this could work on a nation is anybody’s guess, but probably via the collective of the
orpeople who inhabit the country. This is especially true of countries where the people are not exactly world travelers -- their location on Earth having remained basically the same for years. (There is, for example, the art of Astrocartography -- locational astrology.)

Any more questions?

Well, if you don’t buy that one, how about the simple geometry of planetary locations with respect to one’s cellular antenna being the causative factor (in lieu of electormagnetic forces). Mainstream science will likely look askance at that one, but the reality is that no one in mainstream science has been able to figure out how geometry, in and of itself, can make anything happen. What we’re advocating is the idea of geometry being a causative factor, causing action-at-a-distance without the standard intermediaries of electromagnetic
gravitational forces. Mainstream science has no idea how that could happen. [But then again, mainstream science still hasn’t figured out how gravity and electromagnetism work either. They have theories, but nothing that can be conclusively proven.] "

About the author-
Daniel holds (there's not much else to do with it) a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as a Bachelor of Engineering Science from the same university. He is the author of over one hundred and fifty technical and semi-technical articles in a variety of scientific journals, magazines and conference proceedings, and has been doing research in a wide diversity of scientific disciplines and esoteric subjects for over three decades. (Actually longer, but he's trying to think young.) These subjects include nuclear and elementary particle physics, solar energy (including building the world's first solar heated and cooled house), the economics and politics of alternative energy systems, Zero-Point Energy, Cold Fusion, Sacred Geometry, ancient history, goddess-related topics, Hyperdimensional Physics, the enigma of Crop Circles, and the list goes on and on. As a true synergistic generalist, Dr. Ward is also a teacher, prolific writer, theoretical and experimental researcher, futurist, and unrepentant humorist (specializing in puns).

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