Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Astrologers' Representative Planets ;-)

Scuffling around the lower reaches of my Wordpad, I came across these notes which I made some time ago, about a few of my favourite astrologers. I had tried to allocate to each what I considered to be the appropriate planetary correspondence, according their professional style. ( Just for fun!)

Jonathan Cainer... SUN... Obvious reason - King of the Sun sign astrologers, warm and positive.

Zane Stein..... MERCURY... Excellent communicator, explains difficult concepts so that they are easily understood.
Robert Hand ....JUPITER... The biggest name, and possibly most respected astrologer of today.

Bill Herbst.... SATURN.... Serious and solid, it's obvious that a lot of work goes into his articles and newsletters.

Philip Sedgwick.... URANUS... The astrologer with astronomy plugged in - all that's new in astrology.

Eric Francis.... NEPTUNE...Always a little mysterious.

Antero Alli.... PLUTO.....Transforms astrology - a different perspective.

******************** ******************* ***************

But what about the Moon, Venus and Mars? I hadn't mentioned them in my notes.
So, an update :

VENUS .....Elsa Elsa springs to mind - she is often to be found helping readers with love-related conundrums in her blog.

MOON .....might correspond to all astrology bloggers everywhere. The Moon is said to signify "the public" with whom we hope to connect.

and, finally
MARS...... represents all the skeptics who energetically oppose astrology.

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Anonymous said...


I'm so incredibly flattered, you could not possibly imagine. Seriously. You made my day! I would thank you for thinking of me at all, but thinking of me like this? TOTALLY flattered. ::blush::