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Dennis Kucinich, his wife, and Astrology

Further to my blog entry relating to Dennis Kucinich ( December 13, 2006- label "politics") the following is interesting:
It's from a piece by Dennis's wife Elizabeth in her blog
It begins
"From a family (grandmother, mother, me and now my husband Dennis) of Librans, the symbol for which is the scales, my mother and I always joked that we spent our lives in constant flux in search of balance but rarely finding it. Librans, in this constant seeking for justice, appreciate fully moments of beauty and opportunity in every experience that allude to balance and justice.
It is said in physics that every action causes a reaction. Similar too is the concept of Karma. These can be understood to be the material and spiritual laws of balance. When they are translated into our day to day life experiences, every action indeed causes a reaction, a karmic narrative. To awaken vision and to touch balance in Justice’s scales, we must introduce sincere reflection between the phases of action and reaction. ........."

It's good that she considers astrology relevant - even if only at Sun sign level. For all I know she might be an expert in the subject. This is another big PLUS factor for me in favour of Dennis Kucinich, and his bid for nomination. He is very much an outsider - it would take a minor micacle for him to be chosen as Democratic candidate. Yet, you never know - Al Gore might yet run - and be elected - and choose Kucinich as his Vice President. Now there would be a "dream ticket" !

A little more insight-
From "How Kucinich Found Love", by Evelyn Theiss Published Sunday, October 30, 2005 by the Cleveland Plain Dealer -

"On May 4, Elizabeth Harper walked with her boss into Dennis Kucinich's Capitol Hill office for a meeting and immediately noticed three things. In the reception area, she saw a visiting nun in white robes. In his inner office sat a shelf bearing an illustration depicting "light consciousness" and a bust of Gandhi. She studied the lean and intense congressman and felt an attraction. "Now this is an interesting man," she thought."

(Note use of "intense" - someone else sees his Scorpio!)

My own theory about Dennis Kucinich, as stated previously, is that as well as being a Libran charmer and egalitarian, he will have steely determination and intensity of purpose courtesy of his clutch of Scorpio planets.

In Dennis Kucinich's own words (at New Year 2007)
"Each one of us holds transformational capabilities to engage the world constructively through the images of the future we hold in our mind. Our thoughts have power."

and more recently

"On Sunday January 7th, I will appear live on CNN’s Late Edition (11am-1pm ET) to discuss my presidential campaign.
On Monday morning in New York City, I will unveil a comprehensive Iraq exit strategy at a news conference with major media already confirming attendance.
At noon I will present an address at Jesse Jackson’s Wall Street Project, entitled "Out of Iraq and Back to the American Cities."
On Monday afternoon I will appear live in the New York studios of Fox TV’s Neil Cavuto Show and then return to Washington to meet with Congressional leaders to discuss my plan regarding Iraq. "

Go Dennis!!!

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