Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Mystery - Playing Cards and Astrology

I was introduced to Robert Camp's two books "Love Cards" and "Cards of Your Destiny" some years ago. Being of cautious nature about anything involving playing cards ( I always lose) at first I was sceptical. Over time I've come to respect the ancient "science of the cards" especially as it relates to relationships and compatability.

For anyone unfamiliar with the "science of the cards", there is background information on-line from a variety of sources:

The ancient and mysterious system is said to be based upon astrology and numerology. It's hard to see how it can possibly work with accuracy, because only the day and month of one's birth is used, year, time and place of birth are not involved.

As an example, the Birth Card for my own January birthday is King of Clubs. King of Clubs is also the Birth Card for people with birthdays on 25 Feb, 23 March, 21 April, 19 May, 17 June, 15 July, 13 August, 11 September, 9 October, 7 November, 5 December.

All cards do not have as many connections to dates as the King of Clubs. 4 of Hearts for example relates only to 31 October, 29 November and 27 December. So there is more involved than a simple circling and re-circling of the deck.

As well as a Birth Card for each birthday, there are Planetary Ruler Cards, Karma Cards, and cards of Karma Cousins.

Robert Camp's book "Love Cards" in large format, contains full information on each card with detailed tables of compatability ratings, based on planetary connections between two cards. As we know, in astrology planetary connections change year by year, month by month, day by day and hour by hour! In spite of this anomaly I've found that the system works reliably concerning compatability. The system is not as reliable in my own experience, regarding future events, as detailed in the Destiny Cards book.

Here is just one example from my own experience. My Birth Card is (Aquarian) King of Clubs. My maternal grandmother's birthday was 19 May -another (Taurean) King of Clubs. My late partner's was 20 May - (Taurean) Queen of Clubs. My husband's is Ace of Diamonds (Aries). According to Robert Camp's book all these are rated as very compatible with me. The three people named were/are undoubtedly the closest relationships in my life. In the Birth Spread they fall next to each other - Queen Clubs, King Clubs, and the next card is Ace of Diamonds!
Coincidence? I don't know.

It's very mysterious, and a reminder that though straight astrology can be accurate, there is MUCH more to learn about the mechanism behind it all. This is what keeps me searching.

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