Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Translating Bloggerese into Astrologese

My short blogging experience of around 6 months leaves me baffled by some of the terms I run across daily. From both my civil service background and long interest in astrology, I know how difficult it can be for 'outsiders' to comprehend jargon. Now I'm on the other side, trying to understand it!
Social bookmarks, memes, tags, ping, backlink, trackback, permalinks, RSS, XML.........sigh. There is a helpful glossary at

Even with assistance from that resource I remain bewildered. Compared to blogging, astrology is a walk in the park. ( On second thoughts - maybe not!) Perhaps I could translate some of those strange terms, to act as a mnemonic. I do not guarantee that what follows is correct - it's the product of a confused mind!
tag = keyword(s) to identify and categorise content of blog entry.
We already have keywords for planets, signs and houses in astrology, and Sun signs are also used as tags to roughly categorise us.

ping = an alert to a search engine or other site that you have updated your blog.
Transiting planets ping our natal chart regularly as they transit and 'update' themselves.

trackback, backlink = links from other blogs to yours (and vice versa).
Comparable to synastry in astrology, or trines between planets.

social bookmarking = grouping and categorising of links.
Like the analysis Astrodatabank carries out for astrological research ?

meme = propogation of ideas/questions from blog to blog .
A spread-out version of the type of exchange seen on astrology message boards.

permalink - a link which remains active after the blog entry has moved to archive stage.
The natal chart is one great big permalink!

RSS = program format which can deliver regular updates of chosen blogs to your computer, and can deliver your updates to others who choose to receive them.
Not sure how this could be translated. Having forecasts from a selection of favourite astrologers delivered to your cell-phone/computer - and if you're an astrologer, vice-versa.


Anonymous said...

This is cute as heck! :)

Ron Southern said...

Aha! Your blog is somewhat esoteric or foreign to me, but one of mine is as much so, probably, to you! Just kidding; I'm a self-appointed expert in some blogerese! You found TRS, but there is also http://20stickyposts.blogspot.com/

This consultant ready at all times to prove himself half ignorant. Some things I know, others I just go learn.

I lived in Austin about 10 years, ending in 1976; wonder if I was there when your husband was? He was probably studying while I was partying. Or something.

Twilight said...

Elsa - thank you kindly! :-)

Ron S.
Thanks for the hint, I'll investigate that link, and don't be surprised if I come whining at your bloggy door for advice someday. :-)
I think you've mistaken the author of a site I quoted as my husband - LOL!
the husband's a Kansan, but longtime resident of SW Oklahoma, and is no PhD - I'll bet he was partying along with y'all. ;-)