Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The Sun moved into zodiac sign Libra at the weekend, and will traverse through the sign until 23 October (in other years, give or take a day at either end of the span).

Here's another relevant excerpt from UK astrologer Ingrid Lind's long out-of-print little book Astrology and Commonsense(1962).

Quality: Cardinal
Element: Air
Ruler: Venus

This is the second Air sign, but it by no means echoes the uncomplicated Geminian intellectuality. One has only to look at the contradictory make-up of this sign to understand why. The ruling planet is Venus, and this at once brings a feminine softness with a feeling for harmony and co-operation. In Taurus (the other Venus-ruled sign) the expression of this was primitive in man-woman relationship, but in Libra it has grown into active conceptivity. Moreover it must not be forgotten that Libra is positive, not a negative sign; thus, in following the gradual development of man through the signs, it would perhaps not be too far-fetched to suggest that whereas in Leo he had leisure to enjoy luxury and admiration, in Libra he has now learned to value refinement and intellect. Art and beauty take their place in the scheme of things not merely in nature, in the form of a lovely woman, but in things of the mind. Just as woman in Virgo has learned to be free of man through mental independence, so man in Libra finds beauty elsewhere than in physical form. This general refinement of mind develops in all forms of social graces; diplomacy is possible through the combination of Cardinality (need for action), Venus (harmony and co-operation) and Air (communication and iltellectuality). It is easy to see why Libra is the diplomat rather than Aries, in which action, fire and initiative are undiluted.

Men and women with Libra strongly placed in their chart will reflect all this in their appearance, in good looks of the Grecian type, a ready smile and suave, conciliatory manner. It is typical of Venus to look for points of agreement (Mars will find differences); and it is this active gentleness that is part of Libran charm.

Libran Qualities
Refinement of intellect
Diplomacy and tact
Instinct for partnership
Affection and talent for love
Ability to see both sides.

Libran Faults
Easy-going or degenerate
Liking for the pretty-pretty
Over-reliance on partner
Languorous indolence
Inability to decide.
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