Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jupiter's Big Guy Sings & Swings

Our local theatre's performance season kicks off tonight, with a gig by western swing band Asleep At The Wheel. We're looking forward to this. The band originally hailed from West Virginia, but has been based in Austin, Texas for many years. Their current vocalist and co-founder, Ray Benson, is a guy who stands 6 feet 7 inches in his stocking feet, and wears size 16 EEE shoes! I took a quick look at his natal chart (set for 12 noon so ascendant and Moon degree not as shown).

I had to smile. Why?

Look at that - Sun in Pisces (traditionally a Jupiter rulership sign) conjunct Jupiter itself. Sun = self, Jupiter links to expansion, extremes, exaggeration & all things large! This harks back to Thursday's post about appearance and "planetary types".

Choo-Choo Cha Boogie

Route 66


Anna Van Z said...

Sure wish I could swing dance, and had a partner to swing dance with!

Twilight said...

AnnaVanZ ~~~ In my next life I want to be able to dance like a hybrid of Anne Miller and Ginger Rogers. As it is, I dance (if ever I do dance, which is almost never)more like a hybrid of a carthorse and a chimp. (Apologies to both our furry friends):-)

Anna Van Z said...

Have you ever watched the show Seinfeld? If so, did you ever see the episodes where Elaine dances? It's hilarious!
(I'm sure your dancing is better than you think!)

Twilight said...

Anna ~~ No, I haven't ever watched Seinfeld - will investigate YouTube though.
(And no - it really isn't, I promise! I was at the back of the line when co-ordination of feet and brain was handed out).