Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day himself and I married in 2004, back in the UK. The civil ceremony was held in an office at the Town Hall of the coastal town where I then lived, and was streamed over the internet. My husband's family members, in the USA, were able to watch the proceedings over breakfast at 8am, in the UK it was 2pm.

I chose and booked a wedding date, but later discovered it was the date of an eclipse! My choices were limited by the need to get my US visa application underway as quickly as possible. I quickly arranged an amended date, bringing the wedding forward to 30 April, which narrowly missed the eclipse. There was no dangerous void of course Moon nor retrograde Mercury, so it was the best I could manage in the circumstances. My clumsy astro-fix seems to have worked - all is well on the western front!

I found this among our archives. A silly, silent and rather blurry video clip we made after the wedding, displaying for posterity the marriage certificate which made us legal.

From Wikipedia's list of events for 30 April in history, I found a few quirky double acts to go with our own:

1483 - Orbital calculations suggest that on this day Pluto moved inside Neptune's orbit until July 23, 1503.

1803 - Louisiana Purchase: The United States purchases the Louisiana Territory from France for $15 million, more than doubling – overnight – the size of the young nation.

1927 - Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford become the first celebrities to leave their footprints in concrete at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

1945 - Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide after being married for one day.

We'll be hitting the road later this morning, wandering eastward for a brief trip to mark the wedding anniversary. Maybe we'll get as far as Hot Springs, Arkansas, and on around the Ozarks.

Astrology blogging will probably resume at the weekend or early next week, but in the meantime I might scribble a few lines about our travels in a newly constructed blog cobbled together for non-astro thoughts : "THE REST OF IT". Much depends on whether we find motels with internet connection.


anthonynorth said...

And a very happy anniversary to you both.

Twilight said...

Many thanks, AN!

Just logging off, then taking off! Yipeeee! :-D

R J Adams said...

I was going to leave this comment on your new blog, but with typical Blogger discrimination it wouldn't allow me to, as I don't have a Blogger account.

Psst! Actually I do, but it doesn't know that.

So I shall leave it here:

"Ah, I see I'm the first visitor not trying to sell you something. With two blogs to run I hope you and your other half still manage to spend some time together. It takes me all my time to manage one.

Happy anniversary, and enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, and Many Happy Returns! (That's an especially good 'wish' for an astrologer, isn't it!) And certainly an interesting choice of day, historically--

Best to you both,

Wisewebwoman said...

Happy Anniversary dearest T and Himself.
T: reconsider the two blog thing, you'll never find the time....just a thought.
You could always "offriff" on your regular blog. It's allowed!!

Twilight said...

RJ, Julie,and WWW

Thank you all for your good wishes.
We've enjoyed the trip so far. Storms are forecast for tomorrow (Fri) though, so not sure which way or how far we'll go - possibly a leisurely drive homeward, tornado watches permitting.

Re the 2-blog thing - I'll only use the other one when travelling and not in astrology-mode. It's as much for our own information, a journal to look back on really, as a change from the tatty old notebook I've usually kept.